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What can I do to address hardware vulnerabilities in my network?

27 Jun 2017

Hackers target hardware vulnerabilities in networks, but you can take proactive steps to prevent attacks. Read More

Compute strategies for AI applications

04 Feb 2019

Devising compute strategies for AI applications can be challenging. Find out about the hardware, network and software frameworks available Read More

Network trends include new hardware role in a virtual era

28 Feb 2017

Network trends that enterprise IT pros must consider include rethinking the role of hardware in today's virtualized, software-defined services architecture. Read More

HCI storage advancements require network technology upgrades

03 Jan 2019

Flash storage options make HCI scalability easier, but they also require newer network hardware. Data center admins are looking at NVMe-based fabrics as a possible fix. Read More

Role of hardware in networking remains critical

01 Jun 2016

Will hardware in networking soon be "gone, but not forgotten"? Not a chance. Even in the era of software-defined everything, physical gear still matters. Read More

Excelero adds NVMe flash via Ethernet and Fibre Channel

30 Oct 2018

NVMesh2 will allow NVMe flash connectivity, so customers can use existing network hardware between servers. Erasure coding for data protection is also added Read More

What are the top 3 benefits of NFV technology?

13 Dec 2018

The use of standard hardware, consolidation of network functions and machines, and flexible system upgrades are some of the key benefits of NFV technology. Read More

Ahead of FTTP and 5G, BT picks Nokia to enhance core capacity

11 Apr 2019

With the national full-fibre broadband roll-out in full swing and 5G expected to launch, BT is deploying new Nokia hardware at its network core to boost capacity for data-hungry services Read More

A NetBackup appliances deep dive for your data center

05 Oct 2018

Veritas' NetBackup appliance series includes a virtual edition, cloud-focused hardware and enterprise protection. Consider capacity and network backup infrastructure when choosing the best hardware fit. Read More

What roles do vCPE and uCPE have at the network edge?

02 Jan 2019

As service providers look to virtualize the edge and deliver network services faster, they're turning to vCPE and uCPE that run services as software on generic hardware. Read More