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Best of VMworld 2019 U.S. Awards: Rules and criteria

24 Jun 2019

Read the updated rules, criteria and categories for the Best of VMworld 2019 U.S. Awards to find out what the requirements are for each product nomination. Read More

Composable architecture extends the reach of disaggregation

12 Aug 2019

In composable architecture, IT components are broken apart and reassembled for specific applications. They can provide more flexibility than converged or hyper-converged systems. Read More

Top hyper-converged platform features to look for in a HCI system

28 Aug 2019

Know software compatibility, maximum scalability and long-term potential of hardware support from vendors before buying a hyper-converged infrastructure system. Read More

Hardware tokens add security to wireless networks

17 Apr 2007

Security tokens, like Mobikey and SecureID, operate above the MAC layer, and are thus applicable to any network. Read More

Cisco vulnerability fix for thrangrycat carries risks

24 May 2019

The Cisco vulnerability fix for thrangrycat could make affected hardware unusable. But the vendor said its ready to replace products, if needed. Read More

How does VMware network segmentation benefit a business?

29 Oct 2014

The NSX network virtualization platform signifies a shift in how networks can be managed, provisioned and protected by using software rather than relying on hardware to add services. Read More

Gartner report provides reality check on the 5G hype

28 Aug 2019

The next generation of cellular technology, 5G, is nearing peak hype status, according to a Gartner report. But real, widespread adoption is still several years away. Read More

Discover the benefits of a network-attached storage device

24 Jun 2019

Find out what's new with NAS technology today, including how it differs from SAN and DAS and where a NAS device might fit into your enterprise's storage plan. Read More

GoToRoom video conferencing software adds Dolby Voice

12 Jun 2019

LogMeIn Inc. and Dolby Laboratories have teamed up to bring Dolby Voice hardware to LogMeIn's GoToRoom video conferencing service software for businesses. Read More

Pure Storage all-flash storage ready to zero in on AI and cloud

27 Aug 2019

Despite selling fewer systems of late, CEO Charles Giancarlo said Pure all-flash arrays remain in demand; FlashBlade AI adoption includes use cases such as life sciences and self-driving cars. Read More