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Juniper earnings downed by a lack of cloud sales

25 Oct 2018

The latest Juniper earnings report shows lower-than-expected sales to cloud providers will result in a revenue decline in the current quarter. The company had expected to return to growth. Read More

5 skills every Hyper-V administrator needs to succeed

17 Dec 2018

Windows Server skills aren't complete without these five Hyper-V skills, which range from failover clustering to storage, and remain essential for virtualization administration. Read More

Expand your edge data center vocabulary

07 Aug 2019

Data, devices and distributed computing are all important parts of edge setups. Learn about edge computing components and how you might see them in your organization. Read More

Networking development takes on voice quality, SD-WAN security

01 Jun 2017

The old telephone systems set a high bar for engineering its network for call quality. Then came the internet, and with it, new technologies like VoIP and other applications that need to always operate with high ... Read More

Is Avaya entertaining private equity bidders? I have déjà vu

26 Mar 2019

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. It's a handy quote for all occasions - whether or not you believe Albert Einstein ever ... Read More

Illustrated guide to VMware vSAN HCI configuration and features

06 Nov 2019

VMware vSAN software benefits enterprises by tightly integrating, virtualizing and pooling server resources to ease infrastructure deployment, management and implementation. Read More

HP targets carriers with NFV system and services

05 May 2015

HP launches integrated hardware, software and services platform to support carriers and comms services providers as they virtualise their networks Read More

Open networking switch market extends focus to campus edge

28 Jun 2019

Factors such as cost and flexibility, which make open switches attractive to data centers, will eventually extend to edge deployments in campus environments. Read More

What steps should I take in the event of a network failure?

23 Jul 2019

Don't panic when the network goes down. Instead, use this checklist to go through five factors that could cause network failure, and follow tips on how to plan for them in advance. Read More

Hardware tokens add security to wireless networks

17 Apr 2007

Security tokens, like Mobikey and SecureID, operate above the MAC layer, and are thus applicable to any network. Read More