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IT reaps the benefits of HCI for virtual desktops and apps

27 Nov 2018

Hyper-converged infrastructure can deliver benefits to IT on the back end, but many of those benefits can also directly affect virtual application delivery and performance. Read More

Pros and cons of buying used networking equipment on eBay

31 Jul 2019

To buy or not to buy used networking equipment on eBay, that is the question. Here are the pros and cons, as well as best practices for making a gray market purchase. Read More

IT pros look to VMware's GPU acceleration projects to kick-start AI

30 Aug 2019

The virtualization giant's recent acquisition of Bitfusion and its close partnership with Nvidia bring GPU virtualization to vSphere. Read More

Wonky Wi-Fi Forces Public Network Status

30 Aug 2019

When a wonky Wi-Fi forces Public network status on what had been a private 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel, I finally recognize I need a new Wi-Fi router. It's on order. Sigh. Read More

Traffic analytics in the new IT landscape: NetFlow vs. sFlow

21 Jun 2013

Traffic monitoring and analytics are imperative today for network hardware. But Is NetFlow or sFlow better for you? Read More

What are viable Open19 use cases and hardware options?

30 Apr 2019

Open19 is working with vendors to make hardware for its open source infrastructure. The goal is to support a growing number of off-premises use cases, such as edge computing. Read More

Does software-defined networking require special SDN switches?

12 Mar 2013

Software-defined networks do not require special SDN switches; instead, vendors offer a variety of SDN controllers, network fabrics and hardware. Read More

What you need to know about Google Cloud Anthos

15 Aug 2019

It's time to learn the foundational concepts of Google Anthos, as well as its seven core components that set it apart from AWS Outposts and Azure Stack. Read More

How resource contention affects VM storage performance

28 May 2019

VM performance issues often occur when resource contention is present. Admins can check the number of IOPS requests and storage array connections to address any bottlenecks. Read More

Arista settles patent dispute with Cisco

07 Aug 2018

Cisco gets $400m from rival, but experts say it still has some way to go to build a cloud networking strategy as complete as Arista’s Read More