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6 top hyper-converged infrastructure management tips

28 Jun 2019

These tips address specific aspects of HCI management and illustrate ways to better integrate these systems with third-party tools and overall IT infrastructure. Read More

Prepackaged vs. DIY: Which video conferencing system is best?

29 May 2019

Weighing the pros and cons of a vendor's prepackaged video conferencing system versus a multivendor system will help determine which is the best fit for your business. Read More

UK firms getting on top of IT downtime costs

29 Aug 2019

Despite data breach headlines, UK firms are generally improving in their data protection, business continuity, cyber preparedness and understanding of downtime costs, study shows Read More

Top 10 mobile stories of 2018

28 Dec 2018

As 5G moves from theory to practical reality, we look back at Computer Weekly’s biggest mobile stories from the past 12 months Read More

Cisco Cloud Services emerge: Let the 'coopetition' begin

25 Mar 2014

With Cisco Cloud Services, the networking giant is transforming from hardware vendor to service provider and will sometimes compete with its partners. Read More

Choose a unified communications system with these criteria

27 Aug 2019

Navigate the growing unified communications systems market and choose the best-suited product for your enterprise with these important considerations. Read More

How to build a successful cloud migration plan

12 Apr 2019

Migrating to the cloud is not a simple task. Not all workloads benefit from the move, so hammer out a solid cloud migration strategy first. Read More

Scale-out NAS hits the spot for large datasets, AI and machine learning

03 Sep 2019

Despite the rise of cloud and object storage, scale-out NAS is a key choice for the big datasets increasingly prevalent in artificial intelligence and machine learning scenarios Read More

The hyper-converged network becoming more common in HCI

26 Mar 2018

Virtualizing the network in a hyper-converged system has been the toughest part, but there are products on the market that achieve some of that function. Read More

Pica8 Nymble provides branch network automation

25 Apr 2019

Pica8's second branch product provides network automation and provisioning. But the jury is out on whether Pica8 Nymble can compete with offerings from established vendors. Read More