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Cisco Cloud Services emerge: Let the 'coopetition' begin

25 Mar 2014

With Cisco Cloud Services, the networking giant is transforming from hardware vendor to service provider and will sometimes compete with its partners. Read More

7 must-have steps for a cloud migration checklist

04 Oct 2019

Migrating an enterprise's data and applications to the cloud includes a laundry list of considerations. Review the steps you need to take to complete your migration. Read More

GoToRoom video conferencing software adds Dolby Voice

12 Jun 2019

LogMeIn Inc. and Dolby Laboratories have teamed up to bring Dolby Voice hardware to LogMeIn's GoToRoom video conferencing service software for businesses. Read More

Discover the benefits of a network-attached storage device

24 Jun 2019

Find out what's new with NAS technology today, including how it differs from SAN and DAS and where a NAS device might fit into your enterprise's storage plan. Read More

Openreach tests new digging tech for rural broadband builds

07 Oct 2019

Openreach is testing new tools and techniques to roll out full-fibre broadband faster in rural areas Read More

IT reaps the benefits of HCI for virtual desktops and apps

27 Nov 2018

Hyper-converged infrastructure can deliver benefits to IT on the back end, but many of those benefits can also directly affect virtual application delivery and performance. Read More

Software-defined storage vs NAS/SAN: What are the options?

21 May 2019

We look at the pros and cons of software-defined storage and weigh up when it’s a better option than buying NAS and SAN pre-built hardware shared storage arrays Read More

BT Mayfair phone exchange raided by network hardware thieves leaving customers cut off

12 Sep 2008

Thieves have broken into a BT phone exchange in London's plush Mayfair and stolen an estimated £2m worth of communications equipment Read More

Gartner report provides reality check on the 5G hype

28 Aug 2019

The next generation of cellular technology, 5G, is nearing peak hype status, according to a Gartner report. But real, widespread adoption is still several years away. Read More

Put your composable infrastructure knowledge to the test

17 Sep 2019

Are you up to speed on composable disaggregated infrastructure and technology? Take our quiz to find out if you know how composability works and how it can benefit you. Read More