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Arista settles patent dispute with Cisco

07 Aug 2018

Cisco gets $400m from rival, but experts say it still has some way to go to build a cloud networking strategy as complete as Arista’s Read More

Data center transformation drives the ADC security use case

07 Oct 2019

Application delivery controllers play many roles, but the ADC security use case might be most important. Learn about ADC features and how they boost data center security. Read More

Pros and cons of buying used networking equipment on eBay

31 Jul 2019

To buy or not to buy used networking equipment on eBay, that is the question. Here are the pros and cons, as well as best practices for making a gray market purchase. Read More

The hyper-converged network becoming more common in HCI

26 Mar 2018

Virtualizing the network in a hyper-converged system has been the toughest part, but there are products on the market that achieve some of that function. Read More

How Cisco's 'Application Centric Infrastructure' differs from SDN

01 Apr 2014

As Cisco rolls out a hardware-based alternative to software-defined networking approaches, what does it all mean for security? Read More

Big Switch Networks: SDN, network virtualization, an army of partners

13 Nov 2012

Big Switch Networks has launched an OpenFlow controller, network virtualization platform and monitoring tool, and lined up hardware vendors. Read More

Bare metal switches: Will merchant silicon take over networking?

02 Dec 2013

New vendors are pushing network architectures that decouple software from hardware and run on bare metal switches with merchant silicon. Have we reached the x86 era in networking? Read More

What are viable Open19 use cases and hardware options?

30 Apr 2019

Open19 is working with vendors to make hardware for its open source infrastructure. The goal is to support a growing number of off-premises use cases, such as edge computing. Read More

Enterprises choosing SD-WAN routing over edge routers

11 Oct 2019

Revenue from SD-WAN sales surged by 23% in the second quarter as enterprises opted to replace traditional edge routers with SD-WAN routing. Read More

Was ‘bring your own computer’ (BYOC / BYOPC) ever really a thing?

10 Oct 2019

BYOD arrived out of necessity, but BYO laptop was always trickier. Fortunately, supporting diverse endpoints (i.e., issuing corporate Macs) is easier now. Read More