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IT pros look to VMware's GPU acceleration projects to kick-start AI

30 Aug 2019

The virtualization giant's recent acquisition of Bitfusion and its close partnership with Nvidia bring GPU virtualization to vSphere. Read More

Top 10 mobile stories of 2018

28 Dec 2018

As 5G moves from theory to practical reality, we look back at Computer Weekly’s biggest mobile stories from the past 12 months Read More

National Library of Scotland says aye to Scality object storage

25 Sep 2019

National digitised archives move off Hitachi SANs and Qualstar tape, object storage is embraced and a “no backup” strategy put in place with petabyte-scale Scality S3/file deployment Read More

How resource contention affects VM storage performance

28 May 2019

VM performance issues often occur when resource contention is present. Admins can check the number of IOPS requests and storage array connections to address any bottlenecks. Read More

Wonky Wi-Fi Forces Public Network Status

30 Aug 2019

When a wonky Wi-Fi forces Public network status on what had been a private 5 GHz Wi-Fi channel, I finally recognize I need a new Wi-Fi router. It's on order. Sigh. Read More

Dell PowerProtect comes to new Data Domain series

23 Sep 2019

Aside from improvements to the Data Domain hardware, Dell also upgraded the PowerProtect software with a new air-gapped vault feature and improved integration with VMware vSphere. Read More

Job cuts part of Nokia 5G, enterprise changes

26 Oct 2018

Nokia plans to cut thousands of jobs as it doubles down on its 5G and enterprise businesses. The Nokia 5G strategy focuses on selling and developing mobile radio products. Read More

What you need to know about Google Cloud Anthos

15 Aug 2019

It's time to learn the foundational concepts of Google Anthos, as well as its seven core components that set it apart from AWS Outposts and Azure Stack. Read More

Prepackaged vs. DIY: Which video conferencing system is best?

29 May 2019

Weighing the pros and cons of a vendor's prepackaged video conferencing system versus a multivendor system will help determine which is the best fit for your business. Read More

Top ten SDN news stories of 2013: Cisco ACI, VMware NSX and more

18 Dec 2013

In 2013, the top ten SDN news stories were driven by two central themes: the rise of open networking and hardware vendors going software. Read More