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What roles do vCPE and uCPE have at the network edge?

02 Jan 2019

As service providers look to virtualize the edge and deliver network services faster, they're turning to vCPE and uCPE that run services as software on generic hardware. Read More

Cisco DNA Center takes intent-based networking to IoT

01 Feb 2019

Cisco has introduced IoT-enabled hardware that companies can manage through Cisco DNA Center. The connection between products takes intent-based networking to IoT deployments. Read More

New details released on Huawei's intent-based network

23 Jul 2018

ZK Research offers details on Huawei's new Intent-Driven Network and what its hardware and the software can do to smooth network glitches and even raise security. Read More

Cisco, the developer company, right?

29 Jan 2019

You know Cisco, that networking company that makes hardware for deep internal systems and spends all its time developing switches, routers, hubs and token ring adapters and suchlike, right? No, ... Read More

Meet Hyper-V cluster requirements to maintain high availability

05 Dec 2018

Hyper-V high availability is important for failover, so check that Hyper-V clusters meet the proper requirements, which range from hardware management to network configuration. Read More

Serving up server hardware

18 Dec 2018

Although cloud infrastructure services have alleviated the need for organisations to procure and manage their own hardware, the reality is most organisations still see a need for on-premise systems for reasons such... Read More

Array bolsters throughput, security in NFV appliance

14 Aug 2018

Array Networks has added support for 40 GbE interfaces in its NFV appliance. The AVX hardware also has higher throughput for encrypted traffic. Read More

New, branded open network hardware model emerges

08 Jan 2015

Hyperscale data center operators have radically altered their infrastructure with open network hardware that runs a range of operating systems. As this strategy trickles down into the enterprise, vendors are ... Read More

Open Networking User Group debate: The pro-hardware transcript

11 Nov 2015

Check out the pro-hardware side of the Open Networking User Group debate at its Fall 2015 conference where hardware squared off against software. Read More

IDC: Channel market to grow for server, storage, networking hardware

17 Feb 2015

The forecast for indirect sales of server, storage and enterprise networking hardware is a good one, says IDC. Analyst Paul Edwards breaks down each channel market. Read More