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Network Hardware Resale moves beyond used network hardware

11 Oct 2012

Network Hardware Resale has launched its own brand of optics and could move into developing its own switches to support software-defined networking. Read More

Cisco intent-based networking to beat out open OS, company claims

12 Jun 2018

At Cisco Live, CEO Chuck Robbins emphasized customer preference for integrated hardware and software that offer Cisco intent-based networking over open OSes. Read More

New Arista switches use Barefoot Tofino programmable chip

06 Jun 2018

Arista has launched its first switches with the Barefoot Tofino programmable chip. The latest hardware is designed to replace some network appliances and routers. Read More

Kontron heeds carrier demand for software, buys Inocybe

02 Aug 2018

Kontron has bought open source networking company Inocybe. The specialty hardware maker is adding SDN software to its portfolio as telco customers buy more commodity systems. Read More

How to plan for network disaggregation with APIs

12 Mar 2018

Network disaggregation is a lot of work for engineers, and it's fraught with potential hurdles posed by sourcing hardware, a control plane, network operating system and how you manage necessary APIs. Read More

Verizon SDN used to manage legacy Cisco, Juniper routers

04 May 2018

Verizon has built a software-defined networking controller for its legacy routers. The Verizon SDN technology is being used on Cisco and Juniper hardware delivering Ethernet services. Read More

What is the role of hardware in network overlays and virtualization?

31 Jul 2013

Jason Edelman explains the role of hardware in network virtualization and network overlays. Read More

Answers to top server lifecycle management questions

09 Sep 2019

Unsure when to maintain, upgrade or ditch a server? Here's a look at your hardware -- and software -- care options. Read More

Software-based networking broadens automation approaches

14 Jul 2017

Networking is shifting away from proprietary hardware toward a broader software-based networking initiative, focused on automation and virtualization. Read More

Top tips on network virtualization and network function virtualization

26 May 2017

Network virtualization and network function virtualization aim to increase security and scalability and reduce the need for dedicated hardware, respectively. Read More