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Intel debuts new nGraph compiler for neural networks models

29 Mar 2018

Built on open source software, Intel's new nGraph DNN compiler takes aim at Nvidia's advantage by making it easier to run neural networks on different kinds of hardware. Read More

Need for speed: designing a modern campus LAN

20 Jun 2018

Just like datacentres before them, campus LANs are increasingly being defined by virtualisation and software-based controls. Next to this shift, the hardware also continues to improve as network owners look to keep... Read More

4 steps for a smooth SDN installation

04 Sep 2019

Software-defined infrastructure can be tricky to implement. Automation, vendor-supported hardware and skilled developers are essential for smooth updates. Read More

SDN startups will sneak in as network hardware vendors resist change

14 Mar 2014

Venture capitalists say network hardware vendors are paying lip service to change, but SDN startups will sneak into the market with real innovation. Read More

Spectre of IT vulnerability looms large

15 Jan 2018

In some ways the Meltdown and Spectre flaws represent a risk that goes to the very heart of computing. This microprocessor flaw has resulted in major network, server, PC and mobile hardware firms ... Read More

Survey shows providers to spend on networking hardware, evaluating SDN

11 Jul 2013

Providers plan to increase spending on conventional networking hardware, but few have adopted emerging technologies, a recent survey shows. Read More

Vendors link hardware switches with VMware NSX network virtualization

27 Aug 2013

Every major network hardware vendor minus Cisco announced integration of their physical switches with the VMware NSX network virtualization platform. Read More

Network resellers: How SDN impacts hardware margins, product decisions

05 Mar 2014

Mike Bushong writes that network resellers will need to evaluate new products for their catalogs and shift their selling strategies to account for SDN. Read More

Do SDN and NFV mean we don't need to buy network hardware anymore?

19 Dec 2013

Learn how the roles and requirements of traditional network hardware will change as SDN and NFV mature. Read More

How network standards and open source organizations differ

11 Sep 2019

Both open source and network standards organizations want to develop the next-generation network. Yet their methods differ, and they can benefit different types of organizations. Read More