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Network automation skills and training in demand, research finds

17 Oct 2019

Surprisingly, scripting, programming and software development are not exactly the top network automation skills desired by enterprises, according to recent research. Read More

Learn the basics of ACI network technology

25 Oct 2019

Application-centric infrastructure is one way to support an SDN setup. By learning the basics, admins can manage networks with automation and data abstraction. Read More

What is the role of hardware in network overlays and virtualization?

31 Jul 2013

Jason Edelman explains the role of hardware in network virtualization and network overlays. Read More

Software-based networking broadens automation approaches

14 Jul 2017

Networking is shifting away from proprietary hardware toward a broader software-based networking initiative, focused on automation and virtualization. Read More

Verizon SDN used to manage legacy Cisco, Juniper routers

04 May 2018

Verizon has built a software-defined networking controller for its legacy routers. The Verizon SDN technology is being used on Cisco and Juniper hardware delivering Ethernet services. Read More

SDN startups will sneak in as network hardware vendors resist change

14 Mar 2014

Venture capitalists say network hardware vendors are paying lip service to change, but SDN startups will sneak into the market with real innovation. Read More

Top tips on network virtualization and network function virtualization

26 May 2017

Network virtualization and network function virtualization aim to increase security and scalability and reduce the need for dedicated hardware, respectively. Read More

Intel debuts new nGraph compiler for neural networks models

29 Mar 2018

Built on open source software, Intel's new nGraph DNN compiler takes aim at Nvidia's advantage by making it easier to run neural networks on different kinds of hardware. Read More

Need for speed: designing a modern campus LAN

20 Jun 2018

Just like datacentres before them, campus LANs are increasingly being defined by virtualisation and software-based controls. Next to this shift, the hardware also continues to improve as network owners look to keep... Read More

Survey shows providers to spend on networking hardware, evaluating SDN

11 Jul 2013

Providers plan to increase spending on conventional networking hardware, but few have adopted emerging technologies, a recent survey shows. Read More