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How network standards and open source organizations differ

11 Sep 2019

Both open source and network standards organizations want to develop the next-generation network. Yet their methods differ, and they can benefit different types of organizations. Read More

Essential Guide to Software Defined Networks

13 Feb 2018

Software defined networking (SDN) allows network engineers to support a switching fabric across multi-vendor hardware and application-specific integrated circuits. A network administrator can shape traffic from a ... Read More

BT picks Canonical Ubuntu to build 5G core

24 Jul 2019

Canonical will help BT and EE deliver new services to end-users more quickly Read More

WAN security vendor: To go network hardware provider or third-party?

30 May 2013

Network hardware providers and third-party vendors have very different WAN security offerings. How do you choose? Read More

Cisco acquisitions in 2019 bolster service provider strategy

17 Sep 2019

Cisco acquisitions in 2019 and 2018 include three that show the company preparing for when carriers will increase spending to ready networks for next-generation business services. Read More

Achieve the best VM networking performance

31 Jul 2017

Start by using multiple NICs and organizing complementary VMs on the same host. Also, consider reserving network traffic by type and using hardware support for virtualization. Read More

Airtame is a (wireless) streaming dream

23 Nov 2017

Software runs the world, yes - but it typically needs hardware to run on and even the Computer Weekly Developer Network is occasionally tempted to focus on a piece of kit that 'does what it says on ... Read More

Market trends will push Cisco to make an open NOS

14 Apr 2017

Cisco remains committed to selling a network operating system tightly integrated with hardware. But market trends will likely force the vendor to release an open NOS soon. Read More

Pluribus Networks unveils edge router for service providers

06 Jun 2019

Pluribus Networks has unveiled a gateway router for service providers that's a no-frills alternative to products from Cisco and Juniper Networks. Read More