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Vendors lining up behind SASE for cloud security

04 Oct 2019

SD-WAN and network security vendors tailor their portfolios to deliver SASE, a cloud security architecture for the age of SaaS, public clouds and IoT. Read More

How to meet VMware FT requirements for hardware, storage and networking

27 Dec 2012

VMware FT ensures that critical VMs never fail. With a 10 Gb/sec network and other storage hardware requirements, however, it requires some prep work. Read More

Market trends will push Cisco to make an open NOS

14 Apr 2017

Cisco remains committed to selling a network operating system tightly integrated with hardware. But market trends will likely force the vendor to release an open NOS soon. Read More

Achieve the best VM networking performance

31 Jul 2017

Start by using multiple NICs and organizing complementary VMs on the same host. Also, consider reserving network traffic by type and using hardware support for virtualization. Read More

Manage Windows Server HCI with Windows Admin Center

07 Nov 2019

Download and install Microsoft's free and easy-to-use Windows Admin Center to manage local and remote Windows Server-based hyper-converged infrastructure clusters. Read More

Airtame is a (wireless) streaming dream

23 Nov 2017

Software runs the world, yes - but it typically needs hardware to run on and even the Computer Weekly Developer Network is occasionally tempted to focus on a piece of kit that 'does what it says on ... Read More

IT's hardware evolution in this software-defined age

05 May 2016

There may be a software-defined revolution going on, but the hardware evolution continues. Learn why hardware retains its importance in networking today, even in this SDN age. Read More

Cisco to cut one-fifth of its global workforce

17 Aug 2016

Company reportedly plans to cut up to 14,000 jobs as it shifts focus from networking hardware to software and cloud-based systems Read More

Cisco clears the fabric for NVMf as Fibre Channel reaches 32Gbps

20 Apr 2017

The recent announcement by Cisco of 32Gbps capability in its MDS 9700 Director switch and UCS C-series server products means the two major storage networking hardware makers are now able to offer ... Read More

Hardware vs. Software: The role of hardware in a software age

16 May 2016

In this software age, is there any role left for hardware? In our three-part guide, our experts' response is a resounding, "yes." It may feel like this is the era of Read More