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Brocade's network hardware price model: Pay-as-you-go

01 Sep 2011

With Brocade Network Subscription, Brocade offers a pay-as-you-go network hardware price structure that allows customers to pay only for what they need. Read More

BT picks Canonical Ubuntu to build 5G core

24 Jul 2019

Canonical will help BT and EE deliver new services to end-users more quickly Read More

Data backup and storage networking basics: Why back up network hardware?

05 Apr 2010

Learn about why it's important to back up your network hardware, get troubleshooting tips and expert advice about network hardware backup in this article. Read More

How to prepare for a secure network hardware upgrade

10 Nov 2009

Thanks to the spread of 64-bit technologies and the growing interest in IPv6 -- not to mention the possibility of a merger or acquisition -- a major network hardware upgrade is a definite possibility for many ... Read More

Pluribus Networks unveils edge router for service providers

06 Jun 2019

Pluribus Networks has unveiled a gateway router for service providers that's a no-frills alternative to products from Cisco and Juniper Networks. Read More

How network standards and open source organizations differ

11 Sep 2019

Both open source and network standards organizations want to develop the next-generation network. Yet their methods differ, and they can benefit different types of organizations. Read More

Switch to white box networking brings choice, disruption

17 Nov 2015

White box switches separate two long-intertwined data center components: Networking hardware and the network operating system that runs on it. With such a marked change, it's no wonder open networking isn't for ... Read More

Physical network gear isn't going anywhere

01 Jun 2016

For decades, hardware has reigned as king in the network, but the deluge of hype surrounding cloud, virtualization and software-defined networking has some asking how long physical network gear can hold on to its ... Read More

Cisco acquisitions in 2019 bolster service provider strategy

17 Sep 2019

Cisco acquisitions in 2019 and 2018 include three that show the company preparing for when carriers will increase spending to ready networks for next-generation business services. Read More

Tech buyer rights raised in Cisco vulnerability

31 May 2019

The seriousness of the Cisco vulnerability, Thrangycat, raises the question of tech buyers' rights when dealing with such a serious flaw in a vendor's hardware. Read More