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How to prepare for a secure network hardware upgrade

10 Nov 2009

Thanks to the spread of 64-bit technologies and the growing interest in IPv6 -- not to mention the possibility of a merger or acquisition -- a major network hardware upgrade is a definite possibility for many ... Read More

In virtualized environments, importance of hardware remains

01 Jun 2016

It's tempting to get swept up in the hype around software-defined everything and cloud mania, but even in virtualized environments, networking hardware is still critical. Read More

HPE focuses on hyper-converged infrastructure consolidation

27 Jan 2017

This week, bloggers assess hyper-converged infrastructure consolidation after HPE's buy, Cumulus Networks' new switch hardware and why companies accept poor cybersecurity. Read More

New Cisco VNF hardware designed for data centers, branch offices

22 Feb 2017

Cisco has introduced hardware that contains all the components for running virtual network functions. The new gear delivers Cisco VNFs in the data center and branch office. Read More

Cumulus NOS, Edgecore switch bundle unlikely to beat incumbent vendors

20 Jan 2017

Analysts are skeptical of networking supplier Cumulus's entry into the hardware business. The vendor is selling and supporting an Edgecore switch with the open Cumulus NOS. Read More

A who's who of white box switch vendors

17 Nov 2015

White box networking gives IT organizations more freedom of choice for network hardware and OSes. It's a young and changing market, with a mix of vendor involvement. Read More

F5 Networks: Big hardware refresh, new firewall, on the way

25 Oct 2012

F5 Networks will deliver its "largest appliance refresh in four years," according to CEO John McAdam. The breadth of that refresh is unclear, but McAdam revealed during F5's latest quarterly ... Read More

Simplify SaaS integration with an IT service aggregator

26 Aug 2019

SaaS management can cause as many headaches as SaaS apps prevent. Poor integrations between disparate tools can create bottlenecks and failures, but aggregators can help. Read More

Hypergrid adds metered usage and networks to hyper-converged kit

22 Sep 2016

Hyper-converged appliance maker will allow customers to pay for what they use in hardware that will now add networking Read More

Cisco attacks HP on network hardware total cost of ownership claims

20 Oct 2011

In a new total cost of ownership (TCO) study, Cisco says HP’s lower prices on network hardware don’t matter. Cisco’s superior quality and features pays you back, it says. Read More