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Plexxi buy bolsters HPE composable infrastructure strategy

By Ed Scannell 22 May 2018

HPE strengthened its composable infrastructure strategy with the acquisition of Plexxi, a startup that adds a networking element crucial to the company's success in that market. Read More

Nutanix combines SDN, microsegmentation in Nutanix Flow

By Jennifer English 11 May 2018

With the availability of Nutanix Flow, the HCI vendor merges SDN and microsegmentation to incorporate networking capabilities in its hyper-converged infrastructure stack. Read More

How can network management systems boost troubleshooting?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 26 Dec 2017

What can IT teams do to combine network management systems and application performance management tools to boost troubleshooting in enterprise infrastructure? Read More

The far-reaching benefits of SD-WAN improve network edge to inner layers

By Tom Nolle 24 Aug 2017

The benefits of SD-WAN could work inward from the network edge to improve network infrastructure efficiency, anticipate network service needs and maybe emerge as NFV's killer app. Read More

Navigate different network ports, from physical to virtual

By Stephen J. Bigelow 05 Feb 2018

Physical network ports, virtual network ports, uplink ports and group ports all have different functions in virtual infrastructures. Learn more with this in-depth breakdown. Read More

IT needs to improve network infrastructure for future of retail

By Caroline Baldwin 31 Jul 2014

IT departments need to up their game and improve networks for the retail sector which is on the brink of massive technology change Read More

Gas producer gets boost from SolarWinds network monitoring software

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 17 Jul 2017

In a bid to improve its network infrastructure monitoring, industrial gas producer Chart Industries deploys SolarWinds network monitoring software to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Read More

What questions should I ask about SD-WAN managed services?

By Lee Doyle 02 Nov 2017

When contemplating SD-WAN managed services offerings, organizations should ask questions about network security, infrastructure compatibility and bandwidth requirements.” Read More

NFVi: Virtual networks drive changes in telecom infrastructure needs

By Lee Doyle 28 Apr 2015

Expert Lee Doyle explains why service provider networks need NFV infrastructure -- high-performance, reliable and scalable platforms to support virtual network functions. Read More

Top 3 network security threats and how to protect against them

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 14 Oct 2019

Enterprise networks are seemingly always under attack. Learn about the most common network security threats and what protections you should have in place. Read More