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Three hit by network outage

By Joe O’Halloran 17 Oct 2019

Telco blames “technical difficulties” for outage that has taken down voice, text and data services Read More

Why is patch management important?

By Andrew Froehlich 20 Aug 2019

Borderless networks present new challenges for security pros. Andrew Froehlich explains how this trend makes patch management even more important. Read More

Network infrastructure planning for a virtual environment

By Bill Kleyman 22 Jul 2011

It is important to plan for and develop a network infrastructure that can handle the I/O demands of a virtualized network. Read More

Digital transformation projects hit cultural, tech snags

By John Moore 06 Sep 2019

Digital transformation projects are encountering organizational and technology hurdles that may open consulting opportunities for channel partners. Read More

Benefits of WLAN infrastructure as the primary access network

By Philip Clarke 12 Dec 2012

Many companies see the benefits of WLAN infrastructure as primary access network, but some need it more than others. Understanding the gains is key. Read More

Preparing network infrastructure for hospital iPad use

By Nari Kannan 19 Jan 2012

Hospital network infrastructure usually supports both wired and wireless access. When staff start using iPads to access patient data, networks must meet additional requirements. Read More

Microsoft Azure edge site expansion targets cloud latency

By Chris Kanaracus 28 Aug 2019

Microsoft will expand its edge site footprint for Azure networking, a move that should help lower latency for cloud applications. Read More

Mobile network design considerations for your enterprise

By Andrew Froehlich 10 Oct 2017

An increasingly mobile workforce is compelling enterprises to retool their infrastructure and add new capabilities to their list of mobile network design considerations. Read More

Citrix: Cloud platform, analytics among key vendor trends

By John Moore 17 Aug 2017

Citrix is pursing cloud, analytics and hyper-converged infrastructure as the virtualization and networking company continues its transition under new leadership. Read More

Exploring application delivery and networking in 'Modern Infrastructure'

15 Nov 2012

Get a look inside the November issue of Modern Infrastructure with this introduction from editor-in-chief Alex Barrett. Read More