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Casting the net for a software-defined future

By Andre Kindness 17 Dec 2018

The practical and cultural challenges of enterprises transforming to software-defined networking Read More

Converged storage networking for virtual desktop infrastructure

By Brien Posey 28 Jan 2012

Implementing FCoE converged networking for virtual desktop infrastructure can mean managing one network instead of two, but there are complications to consider. Read More

How to protect your infrastructure against a computer network attack

By Paul Kirvan 19 Jan 2012

Protecting your organization and its IT infrastructure from an intentional computer network attack requires technology, good practices and vigilance. Read More

Invest in HCI and SDN for a modern data center

By Brian Kirsch 16 Feb 2017

Address any outdated data storage techniques by adopting a hyper-converged infrastructure and software-defined networking to modernize your data center. Read More

In-depth: Network infrastructure business faces generic future

By Alex Scroxton 09 Mar 2012

With all the interest in fashionable network jargon - cloud, virtualisation, WAN optimisation, consumerisation and mobility - it is easy to forget about the plumbing - the switches and routers that form the ... Read More

What is intent-based networking and how does it work?

By Jennifer English 12 Feb 2019

Intent-based networking might be the future of networking, but it needs to be more than just another networking strategy that offers advanced automation and simplified provisioning. Read More

Protecting the exploding attack surface: A blueprint for government agencies

By Reggie Best 08 Apr 2019

To protect the ever-expanding attack surface caused by IoT and cloud, Lumeta at Firemon's Reggie Best suggests government agencies adopt cyber-situational awareness in tandem with intent-based ... Read More

Keeping commuters connected on the world’s longest sea crossing

By Aaron Tan 21 May 2019

CommScope’s antennas remained unscathed during a gruelling storm in 2018 and continue to provide reliable mobile connectivity on China’s 55km Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge Read More

What is network infrastructure and what is a hybrid network?

By Tessa Parmenter 16 Sep 2009

Learn specific networking terms to help setup and choose a specific type of network infrastructure from a single proprietary company or a hybrid of vendors, from our expert Tessa Parmenter. Read More

Security and optimization for backhauled branch network infrastructure

By John Burke 03 Mar 2011

As the geographic spread of employees expands and their connections back to headquarters evolve, IT managers must understand how to optimize and secure corporate branch networks. This article explains how to speed ... Read More