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CityFibre opens network to public sector supplier Updata

By Alex Scroxton 09 Mar 2016

Urban fibre infrastructure supplier CityFibre signs a national agreement to allow Updata to offer services over its ultrafast network Read More

True IoT security in the energy industry requires continuous compliance

By Reggie Best 18 Jun 2019

As electric grids and utility plants become increasingly connected, it's critical to assess IoT security measures and cyber-situational awareness. Lumeta Solutions at Firemon's Reggie Best ... Read More

Key network considerations for virtual desktop infrastructure

By Michelle Laverick 08 Sep 2011

This expert IT handbook from SearchVirtualDesktop.com is designed to guide IT pros through their transitions to virtual desktop infrastructure. Discover factors to consider before getting started, including network... Read More

IT pros brace for wave of M&A in microservices security

By Beth Pariseau 20 Jun 2019

Microservices and DevOps have made IT security a shared responsibility among enterprise stakeholders, and experts expect this shift to prompt mass consolidation among vendors. Read More

UK government at odds over Huawei threat

By Alex Scroxton 22 Mar 2019

The chair of the Science and Technology Committee has criticised the government’s vague response to concerns about Huawei’s activities in the UK Read More

Cisco NFV technology targeted at mobile carriers

By Antone Gonsalves 26 Feb 2016

Introduced at Mobile World Congress, the latest Cisco NFV technology is an all-in-one package of computing, storage and networking infrastructure. Read More

Security Think Tank: IT asset separation is a risk-based decision

By Deshini Newman 20 May 2019

What are the security benefits and challenges of segregating IT environments, and how best are these challenges overcome? Read More

Network infrastructure upgrade fuels faster casino cash transactions

By Rachel Shuster 24 Aug 2011

One VAR guides a casino cash transactions company in a network infrastructure upgrade using Cisco UCS and a managed data center for high-volume transactions and flexible storage. Read More

HPE focuses on hyper-converged infrastructure consolidation

By Eamon McCarthy Earls 27 Jan 2017

This week, bloggers assess hyper-converged infrastructure consolidation after HPE's buy, Cumulus Networks' new switch hardware and why companies accept poor cybersecurity. Read More

What is network automation, and what can it do for you?

By Michaela Goss 30 Jul 2019

This feature explores what network automation is and its influence on organizations. It also discusses assumptions about its effect on network engineers and similarities with SDN. Read More