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VMware-VeloCloud sees the future of SD-WAN with 5G, hybrid cloud

By Jennifer English 21 Mar 2019

A glimpse into one software-defined WAN vendor's vision shows a heavy interest in SD-WAN's integration with the network edge, 5G and hybrid cloud. Read More

The top 3 IoMT challenges keeping healthcare IT up at night

By Mike Leibovitz 23 Apr 2019

IoT technology is being deployed in life-critical situations, placing added pressure on health IT teams to mitigate new risks. Extreme Networks' Mike Leibovitz outlines the top three risks of IoMT ... Read More

Zero-trust security means new thinking plus practical steps

By Johna Till Johnson 20 Nov 2018

Implementing a security policy that, essentially, trusts no one and nothing doesn't have to be overwhelming if you understand the basics behind the security model. Read More

Gloucestershire NHS to modernise IT networks in the region with Updata

By Lis Evenstad 19 Aug 2016

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust signs contract with Updata infrastructure to upgrade its IT networks weeks before going live with new electronic patient record system Read More

A first look at the Network Controller role

By Brien Posey 16 Mar 2015

The Network Controller permits physical and virtual network infrastructure management, as well as configuring and managing firewall rules. Read More

Valve deploys 100Gbps ports to support Steam gaming growth

By Alex Scroxton 13 Jan 2016

Gaming firm Valve upgrades its network infrastructure with Level 3 to support the growth of its social entertainment and gaming platform Steam Read More

The 5G future will spark an evolution of telecom networks, ISPs

By Michaela Goss 05 Jun 2019

Telecom networks are evolving thanks to new technologies such as 5G. This evolution will affect various types of organizations, ISPs and available services. Read More

Go back to the basics with a glossary of VoIP terms

By Micah Levine 24 May 2019

This mini glossary defines essential vocabulary associated with VoIP. Read through these VoIP terms to refresh your knowledge of IP-based telephony. Read More

The API industry drives enterprise collaboration

01 Aug 2017

Enterprises aiming to improve their bottom line face a new API industry to help them achieve their goals. While in the past APIs were a nice thing to have, today they reach beyond technology and have become an ... Read More

Fortinet FortiGate UTM: Product overview

By Ed Tittel 22 Jan 2016

Expert Ed Tittel looks at Fortinet FortiGate UTM appliances, which combine different network infrastructure protection features into a single device. Read More