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Saving this summer with IoT: Energy, water and light

By Marc Pégulu 25 Jun 2019

IoT and building automation sensors are critical components to reducing energy, water and light consumption in homes, offices and commercial buildings. Semtech's Marc Pegulu discusses the benefits. Read More

Phones 4u launches LIFE mobile virtual network on EE infrastructure

By Jennifer Scott 22 Jan 2013

Phones 4u has revealed plans to launch its own mobile network, LIFE Mobile, in March 2013, running over EE’s 3G network Read More

Every NHS body to get full-fibre broadband, says health secretary

By Alex Scroxton 30 Apr 2019

Matt Hancock announces plans to give every NHS organisation and community care service access to full-fibre broadband services Read More

Cirba VP: Brexit clears the skies for hybrid cloud

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Apr 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog written by Ayman Gabarin is his capacity as senior vice president for EMEA at cloud infrastructure control software company ... Read More

Cisco Collaborative Knowledge helps 'reskill' service staff

By David Essex 23 Nov 2015

To retrain 14,000 people, the network infrastructure provider borrowed from social media techniques to encourage knowledge sharing and informal learning. Read More

A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to network function virtualisation

20 Dec 2016

Fixed network architectures are not flexible enough to cope with today’s networking needs – hence the growing popularity of network function virtualisation. In this 12-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at ... Read More

Ansible update gets net automation for Cisco, Arista, HPE

By Antone Gonsalves 18 Feb 2016

The latest Ansible release brings net automation to infrastructure devices from Cisco, Arista Networks, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Juniper Networks. Read More

How to handle new network monitoring complexities

By Luke O'Neill 08 Mar 2019

New technologies increase the complexity when it comes to monitoring networks. What can network managers do to regain much-needed visibility and control? Read More

CW ANZ: Fix the weak links

17 Jul 2018

Recent reports have suggested that cyber threats are increasingly aimed at critical information infrastructure such as power grids, water treatment plants and transportation networks. While the scale of the problem... Read More

What is the network edge and how is it different from edge computing?

By Andrew Froehlich 19 Mar 2019

The network edge, also known as the WAN edge, is where an enterprise network connects to third-party network services. Edge computing, however, is something different. Read More