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Government cuts cost of network infrastructure roll-out

By Alex Scroxton 19 Oct 2017

Parts of the Electronic Communications Code have been updated to help communications providers deploy new infrastructure more quickly Read More

Explore 4 key areas of enterprise network transformation

By Michaela Goss 14 Jun 2019

Organizations have made improving network performance a major priority in 2019. But moving from legacy to modern infrastructures may introduce network challenges, as well. Read More

Four telecom infrastructure trends driving network of the future

By Tom Nolle 01 Jan 2018

Four telecom infrastructure trends -- SDN, NFV, IoT and 5G -- are driving the network of the future, but telecom networks are more likely to transform in 2020, not 2018. Read More

What is hybrid cloud networking and how is it evolving?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 22 May 2019

With help from telecom providers and connectivity, hybrid cloud networking enables organizations to add network capacity by tapping into public cloud infrastructure. Read More

Securing your mobile estate – best practice for CIOs

By Christian Annesley 11 Jul 2019

The prevalence of mobile devices in every part of daily life is shaping how enterprises make choices about software and network infrastructure, but how do businesses go about securing these vast new endpoint ... Read More

What's the difference between network availability and reliability?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 22 Jan 2019

Network availability provides a glimpse into infrastructure accessibility, while network reliability highlights how well the infrastructure runs to support functional processes. Read More

Prevent a network security attack by isolating the infrastructure

By (ISC) 2 09 Oct 2017

It may sound like network security basics, but don't underestimate the power of proper segmentation and isolation as an effective way to protect your enterprise network from attack. Read More

5G, cloud embolden network outsourcing and ultimate virtualization

By Craig Mathias 14 Jan 2019

Could the cloud, 5G, small cell technology, BYOD and carrier-provisioned networks completely virtualize network infrastructure? Well, maybe not today. Read More

EDF awards Hinkley Point C comms services contract to Telent

By Alex Scroxton 08 Apr 2019

Network services company will run communications and IT infrastructure at new nuclear power plant Read More

5G to drive hybrid cloud adoption in ANZ

By Beverley Head 16 Jun 2019

5G networks will move computing to the edge, driving adoption of hybrid cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure, says Nutanix’s ANZ chief Read More