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Cloud network design: Your apps are ready, but is your infrastructure?

18 Jul 2011

Cloud network design means creating a flat infrastructure for horizontal virtual machine traffic flow along with distributed applications for bandwidth optimisation. Read More

VMware NSX-T gets revamped UI, more automation

By Antone Gonsalves 28 Feb 2019

The latest iteration of VMware NSX-T includes a revamped UI and other features meant to improve its ability to provide virtual networking in hybrid, private and public clouds. Read More

Making SSL decryption and other networking choices in cloud deployments

By Brad Casey 11 Dec 2013

Cloud networking shakes up network infrastructure management, such as how an enterprise handles SSL decryption. Read More

What is NetOps? Start with these 5 common questions

By Michaela Goss 19 Jun 2019

This compilation is an essential starting point for NetOps novices. These five common questions explore what NetOps is, how it can benefit networks and its effect on network teams. Read More

National Trust for Scotland overcomes legacy network challenge

By Alex Scroxton 25 Nov 2014

The National Trust for Scotland has replaced a historical network infrastructure with a core service from Brocade Read More

Procurement zones become telecom network infrastructure strategy

By Tom Nolle 17 Sep 2009

Telecom carriers are changing their traditional network technology procurement procedures and looking at vendor-led "procurement zones" to ensure equipment and solutions interoperability and get around delayed ... Read More

Building the network infrastructure in your data center

By Brien Posey 25 Feb 2009

The network architect must help contribute to an energy-efficient and cost-effective data center network design -- without sacrificing performance. This can be accomplished by choosing optimal networking equipment.... Read More

New market pressures mold broadband access network infrastructure

By Tom Nolle 26 Feb 2010

When it comes to broadband access network infrastructure upgrades, telecom carriers face high capital expense costs and subscriber reluctance to pay the real price for one big pipe to deliver everything. Find out ... Read More

Blacktip uses AvePoint for Office 365 backup

By Johnny Yu 26 Jun 2019

Serving users who are mobile and not highly technical, MSP Blacktip turns to SaaS apps such as Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite. But those apps need protection. Read More

Layered security approach can thwart VoIP attacks

By Chris Partsenidis 08 Jul 2015

A strategically placed firewall within your network infrastructure can help mitigate VoIP attacks. But encryption and proxy services add enhanced security. Read More