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High-speed DCI technologies critical in age of cloud, big data

By Alissa Irei 03 Oct 2016

High-speed data center interconnect can help network managers handle the data explosion, preventing east-west traffic jams in the era of cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure. Read More

OT security brings new challenges in the age of IoT

By David Petersson 13 Sep 2019

We're diving into the IoT security challenges CIOs need to be aware of as a result of integrating OT devices, which often work in isolation, with IT technologies. Read More

Buying the right network management application for you

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 15 Dec 2014

With SDN and the integration of wireless networking within enterprise infrastructures, IT must carefully assess its network management needs. Read More

NetOps vs. DevOps vs. NetSecOps: What's the difference?

By Alissa Irei 25 Feb 2019

DevOps, NetOps and NetSecOps ... oh my! These IT concepts have their differences, but at the end of the day, they're family. Here's how they relate. Read More

Telecom network operations and infrastructure planning: Outsourcing the challenge

By Tom Nolle 14 Sep 2009

Next-generation network complexity is causing heavy increases in telecom network operations costs, and finding the skill set needed to integrate and maintain network infrastructure are is increasingly difficult. ... Read More

Interop 2010: Data center network infrastructure trends you can't ignore

By Susan Fogarty 22 Apr 2010

Today's data center network infrastructure is changing at a rapid rate, supporting virtualization, cloud computing and converging technology to deliver elastic yet resilient services with the least amount of ... Read More

Vidyo rolls out upgrades to its video conferencing system

By Tracee Herbaugh 25 Feb 2016

Vidyo, a software-based video conferencing system, rolled out infrastructure upgrades, including hardened security, and network performance and management optimization. Read More

Building the infrastructure to enable flat Data Center network architecture

02 Nov 2010

This issue of the Network Evolution E-Zine will cover the road to flat Data Center network architecture. Learn about how to design a high-performance network with virtualization in mind. We'll help you understand ... Read More