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Explore Robin hyper-converged Kubernetes for containerized apps

By Robert Sheldon 05 Sep 2019

Robin Systems new scalable and agile Kubernetes HCI platform aims to take the pain out of deploying and managing complex data-intensive systems in a containerized environment. Read More

Benefits of 5G to drive enterprise adoption regardless of provider

By Michaela Goss 01 May 2019

Key 5G expectations among business decision-makers include improved network speed and reliability, and most enterprises are willing to obtain 5G regardless of provider or price. Read More

Sportlobster uses PubNub network for data streaming in real time

By Karl Flinders 05 May 2015

Sport social network Sportlobster uses data stream network from PubNub to avoid months of development work and to cut infrastructure costs Read More

What hyper-converged network details should I consider?

By Scott D. Lowe 27 Aug 2019

No longer a second-class citizen to compute and storage, networking is now integral to most HCIs. Keep in mind certain networking facts when adopting hyper-convergence, however. Read More

Gartner: Shift to public cloud curbs datacentre spending

By Cliff Saran 17 Apr 2019

More servers are being bought by public cloud providers, but these tend to be cheap, original device manufacturer equipment, rather than boxes from HPE, Dell or Lenovo Read More

Build network redundancy into your open source virtual infrastructure

By Sander van Vugt 22 Jun 2010

Building network redundancy into an open source virtual infrastructure allows for several options, but all require bond devices and at least one virtual bridge. Read More

IT security tutorial: Channel partner tips for new tech

01 Feb 2016

In this IT security tutorial, we outline security concerns and mitigation strategies for software-defined networking, hyper-converged infrastructure and the Internet of Things. Read More

Cloud connectivity tests the bond between enterprises, WAN providers

By Shamus McGillicuddy 11 Mar 2019

Collaborating on cloud connections can strengthen or strain relationships between enterprises and service providers. Service-level agreements, in particular, can be tested. Read More

Don't overlook critical network infrastructure systems

06 Mar 2007

Do you have a solid plan in place for if and when you experience a security breach? Does that plan include important contact information, and have you and your co-workers walked through the plan together? This ... Read More

Operators make multigigabit switch push in campus networks

By David Jacobs 07 Jun 2019

As applications become more bandwidth-intensive, operators are racing to install multigigabit switch foundations in their campus network architectures. Read More