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How Python addresses security, network traffic analysis concerns

By Michaela Goss 30 Oct 2019

Python can benefit key areas of an organization's network, including network security and traffic analysis. Glean critical expert advice from an author of various Python textbooks. Read More

Building the network infrastructure in your data center

By Brien Posey 25 Feb 2009

The network architect must help contribute to an energy-efficient and cost-effective data center network design -- without sacrificing performance. This can be accomplished by choosing optimal networking equipment.... Read More

Intel sees 5G networks as opportunity to sell more server chips

19 Aug 2016

Intel focuses on the back-end infrastructure behind upcoming 5G networks as it sees an opportunity for its processors and other datacentre technology Read More

OVHcloud eyes Indian market in APAC expansion

By Aaron Tan 05 Feb 2020

French cloud infrastructure supplier OVHcloud is investing more in India over the next few quarters as part of its regional expansion plan Read More

Moving edge computing applications from pilot to production

By Chetan S Kumar 23 Jul 2019

Organizations must consider five key elements -- including scalability and upgrades -- before moving edge applications from pilot to production. Aikaan Labs' Chetan Kumar explains. Read More

Serving up server hardware

18 Dec 2018

Although cloud infrastructure services have alleviated the need for organisations to procure and manage their own hardware, the reality is most organisations still see a need for on-premise systems for reasons such... Read More

New market pressures mold broadband access network infrastructure

By Tom Nolle 26 Feb 2010

When it comes to broadband access network infrastructure upgrades, telecom carriers face high capital expense costs and subscriber reluctance to pay the real price for one big pipe to deliver everything. Find out ... Read More

Italy wakes up to new IoT opportunities

By Piero Macri 06 Jan 2016

Organisations in Italy are investing in internet-connected technologies, with infrastructure providers building the underpinning networks Read More

Three UK chooses CityFibre as preferred backhaul provider for nationwide 5G roll-out

By Joe O’Halloran 18 Feb 2020

Digital infrastructure platform provider tapped to provide backhaul backbone for roll-out of next-gen mobile infrastructure across the UK Read More

With new NFV infrastructure comes new NFV security

By Lee Doyle 12 Sep 2016

Service providers are rapidly adopting NFV infrastructure, but addressing NFV security in the process is essential, with network and security teams working together. Read More