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Vodafone to start 5G trials this autumn

By Alex Scroxton 20 Jun 2018

MNO announces 5G trials in seven UK cities, with new mobile network infrastructure to be rolled out from October Read More

VMware Network Insight eyes better AWS network visibility

By Ofir Nachmani 31 Aug 2018

Some AWS users should consider a third-party tool to find better visibility into their network infrastructure and traffic patterns instead of relying on Amazon VPC. Read More

Hyper-converged infrastructure forcing new thinking for networks

By Patrick Hubbard 25 Jan 2016

Hyper-converged infrastructure not only drives new thinking about networks, it fundamentally changes some trusted networking techniques. Read More

Utilize microservices to support a 5G network architecture

By Michael Churchman 27 Jul 2018

To satisfy next-level network promises, 5G networks should be supported by a microservices-based infrastructure, as monolithic architectures won't meet demands. Read More

Three years left to prep UK’s mobile network infrastructure for 5G

By Alex Scroxton 18 Aug 2016

The UK’s mobile networking infrastructure needs a radical overhaul to get ready for the first 5G mobile networks, says O2 CTO Brendan O’Reilly Read More

Symantec unveils AI-based protection for critical infrastructure

By Warwick Ashford 05 Dec 2018

Cyber security firm has unveiled what it claims to be the industry’s first neural network to protect critical infrastructure from USB-borne malware attacks Read More

Swedish insurer pens infrastructure deal with City Network

By David Nikel 05 Feb 2016

Insurance company Folksam is using infrastructure as a service as part of its IT modernisation programme Read More

The future of composable infrastructure and virtualization

By Robert Sheldon 10 Sep 2018

Composable infrastructures -- frameworks of compute, storage and network resource services -- will still make use of virtualization to run applications. Read More

Fiber expansion paves way for V2X technology in Colorado

By Alissa Irei 29 Jan 2019

Colorado wants to enable highway automation by building smart, connected infrastructure it says can save lives. But to get roadside devices online throughout the state, it's going to need a bigger fiber optic ... Read More

PulseNet: How do improper authentication flaws affect it?

By Judith Myerson 21 Sep 2018

GE reported an improper authentication flaw in its PulseNet network management software for critical infrastructures. Discover how this flaw works with Judith Myerson. Read More