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Exploring 2015 tech trends in networking

21 Dec 2015

SearchNetworking recaps some of the leading 2015 tech trends in networking, spanning network security, wireless technologies and data center infrastructure. Read More

New service capabilities to influence mobile network infrastructure

07 Apr 2010

Major questions surrounding mobile appliance service deployment will affect operators' mobile network infrastructure planning in terms of enabling Quality of Service and Evolved Packet Core technology if they can ... Read More

How to implement virtual firewalls in a complex network infrastructure

28 Jul 2009

If your enterprise has a complex network infrastructure, it might be necessary to implement virtual firewalls or multiple security contexts. Network security expert Mike Chapple explains the pros and cons of doing ... Read More

Go back to the basics with a glossary of VoIP terms

24 May 2019

This mini glossary defines essential vocabulary associated with VoIP. Read through these VoIP terms to refresh your knowledge of IP-based telephony. Read More

The 5G future will spark an evolution of telecom networks, ISPs

05 Jun 2019

Telecom networks are evolving thanks to new technologies such as 5G. This evolution will affect various types of organizations, ISPs and available services. Read More

CW ANZ: Fix the weak links

17 Jul 2018

Recent reports have suggested that cyber threats are increasingly aimed at critical information infrastructure such as power grids, water treatment plants and transportation networks. While the scale of the problem... Read More

Extreme Networks CEO blames China, not Trump, for trade impasse

17 May 2019

Extreme Networks CEO Ed Meyercord blames China, not President Donald Trump, for the impasse in trade talks that could force the vendor to raise prices by as much as 10%. Read More

Specialized network engineer skills deemed unnecessary by 2020

29 Apr 2019

Common networking roles are shifting to keep up with network transformation and a changing industry. Challenges include new monitoring tools and increased complexity. Read More

SDN to boost cloud service profit margins over coming years

17 Dec 2015

Software defined networking and network function virtualisation present UK Infrastructure Services suppliers with a huge opportunity, according to new report Read More

Brace your infrastructure for a microservices approach

16 Jun 2015

Before transitioning to microservices, it's crucial to consider the effects on your underlying infrastructure and network -- and to plan ahead. Read More