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SDN to boost cloud service profit margins over coming years

17 Dec 2015

Software defined networking and network function virtualisation present UK Infrastructure Services suppliers with a huge opportunity, according to new report Read More

Brace your infrastructure for a microservices approach

16 Jun 2015

Before transitioning to microservices, it's crucial to consider the effects on your underlying infrastructure and network -- and to plan ahead. Read More

Facebook partners with Skype to add video calling to social network infrastructure

07 Jul 2011

Facebook has partnered with Skype to add a video-calling facility to the social networking site and open another channel of communication for businesses. Read More

Intel sees 5G networks as opportunity to sell more server chips

19 Aug 2016

Intel focuses on the back-end infrastructure behind upcoming 5G networks as it sees an opportunity for its processors and other datacentre technology Read More

What do I need to know about the MCSE certification exams?

08 Feb 2016

The server infrastructure MCSE certification tests an IT pro's expertise in storage, networking and other key areas. Read More

Getting up to speed with 5G

06 Mar 2018

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at what needs to be done to make next-generation 5G mobile networks a reality. Fewer EU workers are moving to the UK due to Brexit fears – we examine what that means for the ... Read More

Sophos SG Series UTM: Product overview

25 Jan 2016

Expert Ed Tittel looks at the Sophos SG Series of unified threat management appliances, which bundle various kinds of network infrastructure protection into a single device. Read More

Network Rail extends fibre network to rural broadband providers

21 Nov 2014

Network Rail Infrastructure asks Ofcom for more powers to build out its fibre network for the benefit of broadband and mobile suppliers Read More

PM May approves Huawei for use in 5G networks despite opposition

24 Apr 2019

The UK’s National Security Council has approved the use of Huawei’s networking equipment in parts of the country’s 5G mobile networks in spite of widespread opposition Read More

With new NFV infrastructure comes new NFV security

12 Sep 2016

Service providers are rapidly adopting NFV infrastructure, but addressing NFV security in the process is essential, with network and security teams working together. Read More