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Know the tools needed to bake cloud HA into apps

13 Jun 2019

The cost for HA might outweigh the benefit for many cloud apps. But, before you can debate the need to architect a highly redundant system, you need to know the tools at your disposal. Read More

Get up to speed on network infrastructure design

28 Feb 2008

Don't have time to dig into part one of the network infrastructure design FAQ guide now? Now you can download part one of the podcast in MP3 format. Read More

Huawei and Apple struggle, while Samsung extends smartphone lead

31 Jul 2019

Demand for smartphones has slowed down dramatically – Apple is struggling to shift iPhones, while the US ban has affected Huawei Read More

Hyper-converged vs shared storage for SMEs

07 Oct 2016

The rise of hyper-converged infrastructure – with compute, storage and networks in one box – seems ideal for SMEs, but is it always a better idea than traditional IT architecture? Read More

WatchGuard UTM appliances: Product overview

27 Jan 2016

Expert Ed Tittel examines WatchGuard UTM appliances that bundle different kinds of network infrastructure protection into a single device for small, midsize and large businesses. Read More

Security Think Tank: How to realise the benefits of security zoning

14 May 2019

What are the security benefits and challenges of segregating IT environments, and how best are these challenges overcome? Read More

How to bring Wi-Fi technology to the classroom

12 Oct 2015

Mobile devices are making their way into school curricula and education institutions must have network infrastructure to support Wi-Fi technology for education. Read More

Design redundancy into VoIP communication systems

06 Apr 2015

Implementing redundancy at the VoIP and network infrastructure levels is an integral part of VoIP communication, ensuring call and business continuity. Read More

Private 5G networks will be a ‘big trend’

18 Apr 2019

With private 5G networks, enterprises can expect a wireless local area network type architecture that addresses the limitations of Wi-Fi, says top Commscope executive Read More

How important are network infrastructure maps for engineers or admins?

15 Jul 2009

Our network administration expert explains how important it is for an IT admin or engineer to have a network infrastructure map, in this response. Read More