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How to monitor network traffic in 7 steps

21 Jan 2020

Effective network monitoring is an ongoing process that requires constant vigilance by IT groups. This step-by-step plan can fine-tune network monitoring strategies. Read More

Nearly three-quarters of C-suite see visibility into network as business driver

14 Feb 2020

C-suite decision-makers say businesses must rethink what is possible to survive and that technology, particularly the network, must be an enabler in the process Read More

Converged infrastructure: The future of network efficiency

01 Aug 2013

Taking the complexity out of the data center has been a complex challenge in itself. Vendors have introduced have variety of ways to converge IT infrastructure to consolidate networking, storage and compute ... Read More

Infrastructure modernization via hyper-convergence can equal success

03 Feb 2020

How hyper-convergence can help modernize IT infrastructures to better meet challenges like the digital transformation of the business and the adoption of edge computing. Read More

ISPs take legal action against GCHQ over mass network infrastructure surveillance

02 Jul 2014

Six global internet service providers (ISPs) have filed a legal complaint calling for a halt to GCHQ’s use of network infrastructure for surveillance Read More

Future internet infrastructure to utilize fiber, edge hosting, CDNs

13 Jul 2017

The future internet infrastructure for network operators will rely on vastly increased amounts of fiber, edge hosting and content delivery networks to match users' needs. Read More

Integrate endpoint management systems for better security

04 Apr 2018

This week, networking bloggers discuss combining endpoint management systems with security, thorny wireless devices and the logic of an IXP atop a VXLAN infrastructure. Read More

Emerging tools to help create virtualized test environments

06 Feb 2020

Tools from Parasoft, HyperQube and CloudShell let admins virtualize their test environments, but admins should exercise caution as product direction and design continue to evolve. Read More

Plan for simplicity when approaching HCI networking

13 Jan 2020

HCI networking isn't as easy as plugging cables in and hoping the HCI system works. IT teams need to strategize around capacity and resiliency to achieve true simplification. Read More

Openreach launches enhanced duct and pole mapping service

06 Feb 2017

BT’s infrastructure arm, Openreach, has made digital maps showing its duct and pole network infrastructure available to allow other comms services providers to plan new fibre broadband networks Read More