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Preparing network infrastructure for hospital iPad use

19 Jan 2012

Hospital network infrastructure usually supports both wired and wireless access. When staff start using iPads to access patient data, networks must meet additional requirements. Read More

Use SCVMM to diagram VM network connectivity

13 Dec 2017

Diagraming VM networks makes it much easier to visualize the way the various infrastructure components relate to one another. Learn how to create diagrams in SCVMM. Read More

IoT security services emerge as channel partner offering

18 Dec 2019

IoT adoption is rapidly expanding the attack surface of customer organizations, creating an opportunity for channel firms to provide consulting and security services. Read More

Exploring application delivery and networking in 'Modern Infrastructure'

15 Nov 2012

Get a look inside the November issue of Modern Infrastructure with this introduction from editor-in-chief Alex Barrett. Read More

Hackers primed to exploit 5G to Wi-Fi handover flaws

05 Dec 2019

Warning that attackers will find new vulnerabilities to access voice and data on 5G mobile phones as carriers hand off calls and data to Wi-Fi networks to save bandwidth Read More

Tech consortium claims London boroughs lack 5G readiness

11 Dec 2019

London’s local authorities lack strategy or budget to make next-gen networks a reality, according to Tech London Advocates Read More

The network security tools to combat modern threats

25 Nov 2019

Incorporating new network security tools and methods into your enterprise's infosec program may mean the difference between staying safe or falling victim to an attack. Read More

What duties are in the network manager job description?

17 May 2016

Get the inside scoop on a network manager's job description, workload and responsibilities which keep an organization's network infrastructure running smoothly. Read More

Transform network management with a network automation strategy

17 Oct 2019

Enterprises can employ a network automation strategy to provide some stability for network management and monitoring. Automation, however, still requires some hard work. Read More

Adoption of cloud computing means updating networks

08 Sep 2016

The widespread adoption of cloud computing means enterprises have to carefully balance how they upgrade their network infrastructure. Read More