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How do I begin network infrastructure planning for SD-WAN?

20 Sep 2018

When gearing up for SD-WAN upgrades, enterprises should take their time with network infrastructure planning. These three steps can help get them started. Read More

BT calls on fellow operators for investment fairness in rural UK network scheme

21 Jan 2020

BT wants its prior investments in UK mobile infrastructure to be recognised in formulating operators’ investment in Shared Rural Network Read More

Don't forget SD-WAN during your next network infrastructure upgrade

23 Jul 2018

SD-WAN can be a natural progression for enterprises facing a network infrastructure upgrade. But a refresh with SD-WAN deployment requires more than a 'hope for the best' attitude. Read More

Openreach extends full-fibre network to rural UK

27 Jan 2020

UK national broadband infrastructure provider ramps up programme to deliver full-fibre to 200 locations, mainly towns and villages hitherto not passed by network Read More

State backs Norway’s fibre cable capacity building

25 Nov 2019

Norway is increasing investment on communications infrastructure in an effort to reduce reliance on Swedish and Danish networks Read More

Is NaaS the answer to bolster network infrastructure security strategy?

25 Jun 2018

Network security as a service can be a beneficial part of a network infrastructure security strategy, but you have to ask the right questions. Read More

Why networking certifications no longer matter

03 Jul 2019

Networking certifications have consistently been an important milestone for network professionals. But diverse network infrastructure, automation and UI upgrades could change that. Read More

UK and US accuse Russia of targeting network infrastructure

16 Apr 2018

The UK and US have accused the Russian government of targeting network infrastructure, calling on network operators to take the necessary protective measures Read More

Nexus of 5G, edge computing and IoT poised to retool networking

25 Sep 2019

The combination of 5G and edge computing could introduce several changes for network operations. Find out why the network infrastructure -- along with fog computing -- is so important. Read More

The future of physical retail: Connected devices and connected shoppers

21 Nov 2019

In-store IoT devices are becoming more common to foster greater customer experiences. Strong network infrastructure and analytics can be used to improve operation of these IoT devices. Read More