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Cirba VP: Brexit clears the skies for hybrid cloud

07 Apr 2017

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Developer Network blog written by Ayman Gabarin is his capacity as senior vice president for EMEA at cloud infrastructure control software company ... Read More

True IoT security in the energy industry requires continuous compliance

18 Jun 2019

As electric grids and utility plants become increasingly connected, it's critical to assess IoT security measures and cyber-situational awareness. Lumeta Solutions at Firemon's Reggie Best ... Read More

New service capabilities to influence mobile network infrastructure

07 Apr 2010

Major questions surrounding mobile appliance service deployment will affect operators' mobile network infrastructure planning in terms of enabling Quality of Service and Evolved Packet Core technology if they can ... Read More

IT pros brace for wave of M&A in microservices security

20 Jun 2019

Microservices and DevOps have made IT security a shared responsibility among enterprise stakeholders, and experts expect this shift to prompt mass consolidation among vendors. Read More

How to implement virtual firewalls in a complex network infrastructure

28 Jul 2009

If your enterprise has a complex network infrastructure, it might be necessary to implement virtual firewalls or multiple security contexts. Network security expert Mike Chapple explains the pros and cons of doing ... Read More

Zero-trust security means new thinking plus practical steps

20 Nov 2018

Implementing a security policy that, essentially, trusts no one and nothing doesn't have to be overwhelming if you understand the basics behind the security model. Read More

Exploring 2015 tech trends in networking

21 Dec 2015

SearchNetworking recaps some of the leading 2015 tech trends in networking, spanning network security, wireless technologies and data center infrastructure. Read More

CIO Interview: Graeme Hackland, Williams Martini Racing

13 Jul 2016

Williams Martini Racing CIO Graeme Hackland discusses network infrastructure, data analytics and the future for wearable tech and augmented reality in Formula 1 motor racing Read More

Security Think Tank: IT asset separation is a risk-based decision

20 May 2019

What are the security benefits and challenges of segregating IT environments, and how best are these challenges overcome? Read More

How to realize the benefits of software-defined infrastructure

03 Oct 2019

Software-based infrastructure and services can streamline management and application data. Before you add them to your data center, consider workload needs and existing hardware. Read More