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The 5 network security basics you need to know

17 Jul 2019

In this compilation, learn what network security is, as well as how it differs from cybersecurity, common -- and potentially confusing -- technologies, threats and more. Read More

Streamlining your network security infrastructure

14 Jul 2009

Learn how to save money by streamlining your network security infrastructure. Read More

With new NFV infrastructure comes new NFV security

12 Sep 2016

Service providers are rapidly adopting NFV infrastructure, but addressing NFV security in the process is essential, with network and security teams working together. Read More

Configuring a Windows network infrastructure: Wired, wireless security

10 Feb 2010

Jennifer Jabbusch explains how four Windows network components will help you achieve better wireless and wired port security authentication. Read More

Digital infrastructure as important as transport network

16 Jun 2009

Government plans to improve the digital communications infrastructure has raised its importance to same level as the UK's transport infrastrucure. Read More

Get up to speed on network infrastructure design

28 Feb 2008

Don't have time to dig into part one of the network infrastructure design FAQ guide now? Now you can download part one of the podcast in MP3 format. Read More

Go back to the basics with a glossary of VoIP terms

24 May 2019

This mini glossary defines essential vocabulary associated with VoIP. Read through these VoIP terms to refresh your knowledge of IP-based telephony. Read More

Getting up to speed with 5G

06 Mar 2018

In this week’s Computer Weekly, we look at what needs to be done to make next-generation 5G mobile networks a reality. Fewer EU workers are moving to the UK due to Brexit fears – we examine what that means for the ... Read More

The 5G future will spark an evolution of telecom networks, ISPs

05 Jun 2019

Telecom networks are evolving thanks to new technologies such as 5G. This evolution will affect various types of organizations, ISPs and available services. Read More

Promises for 5G in healthcare are great, but it's still early days

23 Aug 2019

Analysts offer insight into how 5G works, where it might make the most impact in healthcare and why some of what 5G may offer is more promise than reality. Read More