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SDN marketplace sows confusion on network infrastructure upgrades

07 Mar 2018

The ever-evolving SDN marketplace continues to confuse IT departments as they determine what steps they should take with their network infrastructure upgrades. Read More

Learn the basics of ACI network technology

25 Oct 2019

Application-centric infrastructure is one way to support an SDN setup. By learning the basics, admins can manage networks with automation and data abstraction. Read More

Aporeto app security uncoupled from network infrastructure

30 Nov 2017

Aporeto app security startup has introduced security software that achieves scale by decoupling application security from the network infrastructure of a hybrid cloud environment. Read More

UK ranks 13th in Cisco digital readiness index

16 Jan 2020

Networking giant reveals benchmark holistically assessing countries’ digital readiness across seven key criteria, including technology adoption and technology infrastructure, and finds UK somewhat wanting Read More

Infrastructure management fueling network modernization

18 Aug 2017

Network infrastructure management processes and architectures are being retooled by IT teams, as today's enterprises prepare for network modernization of legacy systems. Read More

Apstra stops the cyber criminals from loitering with intent

01 Jul 2019

Intent-based networking fine-tunes all the complicated variables that influence the performance of a network infrastructure and can head off any potential cock-ups Read More

Agile for infrastructure requires major cultural shift

27 Nov 2019

To realize the benefits of Agile for infrastructure, network teams must think differently about how to deliver services -- embracing radical change and a trial-by-error approach. Read More

Is programmable infrastructure ready for prime time in networking?

26 Apr 2018

In this week's networking blog roundup, analysts examine whether programmable infrastructure is now a thing, what would make a good AI tool and what's wrong with telcos. Read More