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Italy wakes up to new IoT opportunities

06 Jan 2016

Organisations in Italy are investing in internet-connected technologies, with infrastructure providers building the underpinning networks Read More

Go back to the basics with a glossary of VoIP terms

24 May 2019

This mini glossary defines essential vocabulary associated with VoIP. Read through these VoIP terms to refresh your knowledge of IP-based telephony. Read More

The 5G future will spark an evolution of telecom networks, ISPs

05 Jun 2019

Telecom networks are evolving thanks to new technologies such as 5G. This evolution will affect various types of organizations, ISPs and available services. Read More

Promises for 5G in healthcare are great, but it's still early days

23 Aug 2019

Analysts offer insight into how 5G works, where it might make the most impact in healthcare and why some of what 5G may offer is more promise than reality. Read More

Learn how to get started with your networking career

03 Sep 2019

Wherever you are on your networking career path, these expert insights can help you decide where to go and give advice about job requirements, certifications and industry changes. Read More

Chris Tozzi

Fixate IO

Chris Tozzi is an editor and DevOps analyst at Fixate IO. He has a particular focus on open source, Agile infrastructure and networking.Read More

How to handle new network monitoring complexities

08 Mar 2019

New technologies increase the complexity when it comes to monitoring networks. What can network managers do to regain much-needed visibility and control? Read More

Specialized network engineer skills deemed unnecessary by 2020

29 Apr 2019

Common networking roles are shifting to keep up with network transformation and a changing industry. Challenges include new monitoring tools and increased complexity. Read More

Any slowdown in Moore’s Law will increase datacentre costs

19 Feb 2019

Datacentre managers want to run their sites more like the cloud scale companies Read More

Extreme Networks CEO blames China, not Trump, for trade impasse

17 May 2019

Extreme Networks CEO Ed Meyercord blames China, not President Donald Trump, for the impasse in trade talks that could force the vendor to raise prices by as much as 10%. Read More