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Openreach launches enhanced duct and pole mapping service

06 Feb 2017

BT’s infrastructure arm, Openreach, has made digital maps showing its duct and pole network infrastructure available to allow other comms services providers to plan new fibre broadband networks Read More

Software-defined networking could drastically change today's network infrastructure

15 Nov 2012

There's plenty of talk in IT circles about using SDN to change network infrastructures—and catch up with servers and storage. As the hype for SDN spins up, what can you actually accomplish today? Read More

Network infrastructure design requires separating forest from trees

19 Aug 2013

It is when network architects step away from the details governing network protocols that operating models will evolve, argues Keith Townsend. Read More

Russian hackers target opening in Cisco switch security

09 Apr 2018

Russian hackers are suspected of targeting a utility flaw to bypass Cisco switch security and penetrate enterprise networks and critical U.S. infrastructure. Read More

Emerging tools to help create virtualized test environments

06 Feb 2020

Tools from Parasoft, HyperQube and CloudShell let admins virtualize their test environments, but admins should exercise caution as product direction and design continue to evolve. Read More

Plan for simplicity when approaching HCI networking

13 Jan 2020

HCI networking isn't as easy as plugging cables in and hoping the HCI system works. IT teams need to strategize around capacity and resiliency to achieve true simplification. Read More

China Mobile stakes 5G first for Hong Kong

02 Dec 2019

CMHK successfully accomplishes 5G Standalone network test and completes first voice over NR call in Hong Kong Read More

UAE infrastructure ministry upgrades IT to support smart government

30 Aug 2016

The UAE's Ministry of Infrastructure Development has upgraded its datacentre and networking infrastructure to support the government's smart services drive Read More

Vodafone inks network deal with Openreach to expand FTTP in UK

11 Nov 2019

First phase of network expansion aims to give users download speeds of up to 900Mbps in 15 UK towns and cities Read More

Mist gets into gear with first self-driving network for the enterprise

12 Nov 2019

Mist Systems has launched what it claims as the world’s first AI-driven self-driving network for the enterprise, allowing business users to streamline IT operations, simplify troubleshooting across wired/wireless ... Read More