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Enterprises begin mandating open APIs as part of RFPs

13 Nov 2019

Back-office implementations see increased demand for native support for TM Forum’s Open APIs, boosting interoperability and helping service providers improve agility and reduce IT integration and maintenance costs Read More

Gigabit internet now available to one in 20 globally

20 Nov 2019

5G starts eating into fibre as 5% of the global population gain access to gigabit networks Read More

When is it best to stick with paper?

18 Feb 2019

In this week’s Computer Weekly, sometimes going digital is not necessarily the best thing to do – we weigh the pros and cons of paper versus technology. Our new buyer’s guide examines the challenges of asset ... Read More

Network automation skills and training in demand, research finds

17 Oct 2019

Surprisingly, scripting, programming and software development are not exactly the top network automation skills desired by enterprises, according to recent research. Read More

Case study: Network Rail uses cloud to get its digital data preservation plans on track

26 Jan 2018

Digital-by-default railway infrastructure operator, Network Rail, is building a cloud-based archive to protect the organisation’s data assets for future use Read More

12 network automation ideas to incorporate in your network

06 Jan 2020

What's your path to network automation? Here are 12 automation ideas that span different levels of expertise to help your network team get comfortable with network automation. Read More

Network Security: Spotlight on Australia/New Zealand

22 Jun 2018

With the growing number of data breaches coming under the spotlight in Australia/New Zealand, the role of network security has become more critical than ever. The good news is, advances in machine learning and AI ... Read More

How to start your cloud career

21 Nov 2019

As the IT field evolves, more professionals are pursuing cloud careers. To stand out in the crowd, you need proper training, skills and certifications. Read More

Top 3 network security threats and how to protect against them

14 Oct 2019

Enterprise networks are seemingly always under attack. Learn about the most common network security threats and what protections you should have in place. Read More

Juniper claims longest 400GbE deployment

25 Nov 2019

As pressure grows to support bandwidth demands from advanced high-performance computing uses cases, Juniper Networks announces success in 1,300-mile 400GbE network test Read More