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Infrastructure management fueling network modernization

18 Aug 2017

Network infrastructure management processes and architectures are being retooled by IT teams, as today's enterprises prepare for network modernization of legacy systems. Read More

An introduction to Nutanix Flow software-defined networking for HCI

03 May 2019

Learn how Flow SDN brings network policy and management services to Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure through the automation and streamlining of common networking operations. Read More

Smart streetlights build smart city network backbone

19 Jul 2019

In order to build a smart city network, you need a strong foundation. One option is to use smart streetlight infrastructure. Read More

Government cuts cost of network infrastructure roll-out

19 Oct 2017

Parts of the Electronic Communications Code have been updated to help communications providers deploy new infrastructure more quickly Read More

Business benefits multiply with composable infrastructure

22 Aug 2019

Composable infrastructure allows CIOs flexibility in combining compute, storage and networking into one framework. This guide explores the benefits of this relatively new technology. Read More

Four telecom infrastructure trends driving network of the future

01 Jan 2018

Four telecom infrastructure trends -- SDN, NFV, IoT and 5G -- are driving the network of the future, but telecom networks are more likely to transform in 2020, not 2018. Read More

Explore 4 key areas of enterprise network transformation

14 Jun 2019

Organizations have made improving network performance a major priority in 2019. But moving from legacy to modern infrastructures may introduce network challenges, as well. Read More

What is hybrid cloud networking and how is it evolving?

22 May 2019

With help from telecom providers and connectivity, hybrid cloud networking enables organizations to add network capacity by tapping into public cloud infrastructure. Read More

Prevent a network security attack by isolating the infrastructure

09 Oct 2017

It may sound like network security basics, but don't underestimate the power of proper segmentation and isolation as an effective way to protect your enterprise network from attack. Read More