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What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again

29 Aug 2019

The other day, the government announced yet another consultation on the future of the UK's digital networking infrastructure, this time exploring the possibility of liberalising the planning laws ... Read More

Wind River teams with Dell for 5G distributed edge system

22 Nov 2019

Dell EMC teams with Wind River to form Kubernetes-based system to see use in virtual RAN (vRAN) infrastructures for 5G networks Read More

Dell EMC upgrades VxRail appliances for AI, SAP HANA

04 Nov 2019

As hyperconverged infrastructure use cases expand, Dell EMC adds analytics, flash and network management to VxRail platform built on PowerEdge servers. Read More

Four telecom infrastructure trends driving network of the future

01 Jan 2018

Four telecom infrastructure trends -- SDN, NFV, IoT and 5G -- are driving the network of the future, but telecom networks are more likely to transform in 2020, not 2018. Read More

Network pros on new Cisco DevNet certification: 'Finally!'

29 Aug 2019

Want to learn infrastructure as code? Now, there's a Cisco cert for that. Learn more about the new network automation certification suite, plus changes to the CCNA, CCNP and CCIE. Read More

Prevent a network security attack by isolating the infrastructure

09 Oct 2017

It may sound like network security basics, but don't underestimate the power of proper segmentation and isolation as an effective way to protect your enterprise network from attack. Read More

An introduction to Nutanix Flow software-defined networking for HCI

03 May 2019

Learn how Flow SDN brings network policy and management services to Nutanix hyper-converged infrastructure through the automation and streamlining of common networking operations. Read More

The top 5 capabilities your edge infrastructure should have

21 Aug 2019

The network edge plays a vital role in the future of networking and digital transformation. Make sure your infrastructure has these five components to help it on its way. Read More

Prepare your organization for 100G data center Ethernet

30 Jul 2019

Leaf-spine topologies, Ethernet and optics research are driving the next generation of data center networking infrastructure. Stay ahead of the curve with these technologies. Read More

Smart streetlights build smart city network backbone

19 Jul 2019

In order to build a smart city network, you need a strong foundation. One option is to use smart streetlight infrastructure. Read More