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Gas producer gets boost from SolarWinds network monitoring software

17 Jul 2017

In a bid to improve its network infrastructure monitoring, industrial gas producer Chart Industries deploys SolarWinds network monitoring software to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Read More

NFVi: Virtual networks drive changes in telecom infrastructure needs

28 Apr 2015

Expert Lee Doyle explains why service provider networks need NFV infrastructure -- high-performance, reliable and scalable platforms to support virtual network functions. Read More

What questions should I ask about SD-WAN managed services?

02 Nov 2017

When contemplating SD-WAN managed services offerings, organizations should ask questions about network security, infrastructure compatibility and bandwidth requirements.” Read More

Enterprises begin mandating open APIs as part of RFPs

13 Nov 2019

Back-office implementations see increased demand for native support for TM Forum’s Open APIs, boosting interoperability and helping service providers improve agility and reduce IT integration and maintenance costs Read More

Is networking infrastructure the Achilles' heel of cloud computing?

18 Feb 2014

The network is a complicated piece of the data center puzzle and can often be a stumbling block for IT pros, although crucial for cloud success. Read More

Integrate endpoint management systems for better security

04 Apr 2018

This week, networking bloggers discuss combining endpoint management systems with security, thorny wireless devices and the logic of an IXP atop a VXLAN infrastructure. Read More

Future internet infrastructure to utilize fiber, edge hosting, CDNs

13 Jul 2017

The future internet infrastructure for network operators will rely on vastly increased amounts of fiber, edge hosting and content delivery networks to match users' needs. Read More

Network automation skills and training in demand, research finds

17 Oct 2019

Surprisingly, scripting, programming and software development are not exactly the top network automation skills desired by enterprises, according to recent research. Read More

Russian hackers target opening in Cisco switch security

09 Apr 2018

Russian hackers are suspected of targeting a utility flaw to bypass Cisco switch security and penetrate enterprise networks and critical U.S. infrastructure. Read More

Top 3 network security threats and how to protect against them

14 Oct 2019

Enterprise networks are seemingly always under attack. Learn about the most common network security threats and what protections you should have in place. Read More