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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Insider Edition: Advanced security monitoring scrubs networks clean

02 Jul 2015

The era of the Internet of Things, bring your own devices and social media has also become an era of highly sophisticated malware. Advanced security monitoring tools are crucial in the fight to protect the ... Read More

SDN, networking monitoring: Challenge or a change for the better?

By Lee Doyle 06 Dec 2013

In SDN network monitoring there are both challenges and the potential for change that will bring network management capabilities to a new level. Read More

Enterprise network management undergoes transformation

10 Jul 2017

Traditional enterprise network management is shifting in the face of new virtualization and software trends. Managers need to be aware of how technologies change their network monitoring techniques. Read More

SDN monitoring can help meet new network visibility demands

By Lee Doyle 13 Oct 2015

To keep pace with the demands of next-generation networks, management systems must be scalable, dynamic and intelligent. Expert Lee Doyle says SDN monitoring tools can help. Read More

Gigamon brings network virtualization monitoring to NSX

By Shamus McGillicuddy 29 Aug 2014

Gigamon integrated its network visibility infrastructure with VMware NSX for improved multi-tenant network virtualization monitoring. Read More

Facebook user data: How do malicious apps steal user data?

By Michael Cobb 10 Aug 2018

Malicious apps collected Facebook user data through Facebook APIs. Expert Michael Cobb explains how social networking platforms can monitor third-party apps' access to data. Read More

Nutanix builds hooks to SDN and cloud with Flow, Era and Beam

By Antony Adshead 09 May 2018

Hyper-converged pioneer builds in functionality from acquisitions with Flow software-defined networking, Beam cloud monitoring and Era database provisioning and data protection Read More

Nectar launches Customer Experience Assurance platform

By Ha Ta 16 Sep 2019

The new product includes features like auto-discovery and real-time alerting intended to enable contact center teams to test and discover network issues in a timely manner. Read More

Does network speed impact the ability to monitor network activity?

By Brad Casey 22 Aug 2013

Expert Brad Casey explains the relationship between network speed and the ability to monitor network activity in the enterprise. Read More

How to use Packetbeat to monitor Docker container traffic

By Dejan Lukan 29 Jun 2018

Docker containers can help secure cloud applications, but malicious traffic can still move to and from those containers on a network. Dejan Lukan explains how to use Packetbeat to monitor such threats. Read More