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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Custom network sensors help engineer prevent downtime

By Alissa Irei 03 Oct 2016

Too much information? No such thing. Engineer James Ott says network monitoring tool PRTG allows him to anticipate device failures before they occur. Read More

Network management platforms address big enterprises, ISPs

By Andrew Froehlich 21 Feb 2017

The leading network availability monitoring tools troubleshoot networks deployed in big enterprises, as well as within service-provider environments that manage multiple domains. Read More

VXLAN monitoring: How to gain virtual network overlay visibility

12 Oct 2012

Network pros need VXLAN monitoring tools for new network overlays. Until these tools arrive, they'll have to adapt existing monitoring strategies. Read More

Black Hat 2019 brings out new security, protection offerings

By Sabrina Polin 12 Aug 2019

The 22nd Black Hat conference in Las Vegas brought together a slew of vendors in network and data security with a variety of security offerings to pitch. Read More

The true cost of network performance issues for your business

By Michaela Goss 06 Sep 2019

Network brownouts could be the biggest under-the-radar threats to your network. Stay aware of this performance issue to save your organization's productivity and money. Read More

What effect does an API ecosystem have on the network?

By Michael Brandenburg 12 Apr 2017

While an API deployment may seem like a small task, it can have a major effect on the network. IT groups should work with business units to monitor network traffic. Read More

Managing enterprise networks: How to achieve IT monitoring nirvana

12 Apr 2013

This video offers insight into achieving the desired state for monitoring and managing enterprise networks and explores some of the challenges IT departments may face getting there. Read More

Big data fail: Network security monitoring won't get you too far

By Michele Chubirka 03 Feb 2014

Big data gets big hype, but monitoring it creates more information than companies have time or money to analyze. Are we experiencing a big data fail? Read More

IoT security risks persist; here's what to do about them

By Andrew Froehlich 04 Sep 2019

Nontech manufacturers building IoT devices combined with resource constraints is a recipe for disaster. It's the reality of IoT security issues, and the problem isn't going away. Read More