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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

O2 offers internet of things-backed motor insurance

By Alex Scroxton 01 Feb 2017

Mobile network O2 expands its reach into the vehicle insurance market with the launch of an internet of things monitoring service Read More

Don’t hog the network: Monitoring UC for a smooth user experience

By Gina Narcisi 28 Nov 2012

Upgrading to unified communications is similar to making the switch from a standard cell phone that just makes calls and sends texts  (the horror), to a smartphone with all the bells and whistles ... Read More

HPE Network Node Manager product overview

By Andrew Froehlich 21 Jul 2016

HPE Network Node Manager comes with a wide range of plug-ins, including monitoring for IP telephony, multicast deployments and quality assurance departments. Read More

Networking blogs: Owning data center monitoring, push for OpenStack

02 May 2013

In this blog roundup, see why IT needs a better approach to monitoring data centers, and how vendors differentiate by using a common infrastructure. Read More

VMware acquisition of Intrinsic denotes bigger strategic plan

By Chris Kanaracus 21 Aug 2019

VMware has acquired Intrinsic, a maker of virtualization technology that secures Node.js applications on serverless environments such as AWS Lambda. Read More

Five tips for preventing a hospital ransomware attack

By Reda Chouffani 06 Jan 2017

Hospitals will continue to be a prime target for cyberattacks in 2017, but IT can prevent an attack by training end users on email best practices and monitoring network traffic. Read More

3 tips for proper network provisioning and capacity planning

By Andrew Froehlich 15 May 2019

To provision the right amount of network resources, be sure to review past network performance, assess upcoming tech projects and consider business strategy changes. Read More

Network and application monitoring: A London school beefs up service

28 Sep 2011

Network and application monitoring tools have helped a London high school control an unwieldy network and avoid going over capacity in a newly virtualised environment. Read More

The 8 key ways to assess healthcare data security tools

By Reda Chouffani 17 Apr 2019

Find the most effective cybersecurity tools to protect healthcare systems and data by looking at these eight key features and what major vendors offer for these features. Read More

Implementing Cisco ASA tools for effective network traffic monitoring

20 Feb 2013

This chapter on controlling network access explains how to implement Cisco ASA tools to ensure effective network traffic monitoring. Read More