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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Network monitoring for virtualization evolves with Xangati

By Alex Barrett 26 Mar 2010

Network monitoring players such as Xangati have built tools designed for dynamic virtual environments. Read More

12 essential features of advanced endpoint security tools

By Linda Rosencrance 10 Apr 2019

In addition to protecting an organization's endpoints from threats, IT administrators can use endpoint security products to monitor operation functions and data backup strategies. Read More

Network configuration basics: Focus on users and software tools

By David Jacobs 04 Feb 2019

When configuring a network, keep a detailed and updated document to track user needs and network changes. And, of course, take advantage of network configuration software. Read More

How to strategize for WAN and SD-WAN performance monitoring

By Andrew Froehlich 13 Mar 2019

The importance of WAN performance monitoring hasn't decreased with the introduction of SD-WAN and other technologies. Enterprises still need to enforce proper monitoring strategies. Read More

GDS begins publication of PSN performance data

By Alex Scroxton 26 May 2016

The government makes public data gleaned from its monitoring of the performance of the Public Services Network to help customers understand their networks Read More

Virtual Instruments buys Xangati, expands VirtualWisdom

By Sonia Lelii 15 Nov 2016

Virtual Instruments acquires Xangati for its networking and virtualization monitoring expertise. The company plans to integrate the new technology into the VirtualWisdom platform. Read More

What network monitoring tools give you visibility into corporate VPNs?

By Rainer Enders 02 Nov 2011

What network monitoring tools give enterprise WANs the visibility they need into their corporate VPNs? Find out in this expert answer. Read More

AWS Direct Connect tiers address planned network spikes

By Chris Kanaracus 21 Mar 2019

AWS Direct Connect pivots toward higher bandwidth requirements and cuts prices on lower tiers to handle customers' seasonal workload peaks and make AWS stickier overall. Read More

Adjusting a continuous monitoring strategy to a hybrid era

By Dave Shackleford 03 Feb 2016

Your monitoring strategy is vital to keeping networks and data secure. Learn the latest on how to factor the hybrid cloud variable into the security equation. Read More

Fluke adds SaaS performance monitoring to TruView

By Antone Gonsalves 20 May 2015

Fluke Networks launches TruView Live. The Web-based service delivers SaaS performance monitoring. VoIP monitoring expected in the summer. Read More