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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Open source software for enterprise network management and monitoring

By Lindi Horton 30 Apr 2009

Open source software is a valuable, economic resource for enterprise network managers. Find the best software for your network with our site network administration expert's advice. Read More

Cloud flow: Network flow analysis and application traffic monitoring

30 Mar 2011

How can you determine where and when your data is flowing to the cloud? In this tip, learn about network flow analysis and application traffic monitoring for cloud computing migrations. Read More

Five ways a managed print service can support cyber resilience

By Louella Fernandes 04 Oct 2019

As IoT devices, smart MFPs are susceptible to the growing threat of attempts to implant malware, recruit to botnets (to help perpetrate DDoS attacks), as well as potentially providing an open ... Read More

IT Priorities 2019: What projects are IT professionals spending their budgets on?

By Cliff Saran 05 Mar 2019

The Computer Weekly/TechTarget IT Priorities 2019 survey finds that cloud maturity, security and automation are among the hot areas for spending Read More

Virtual Instruments to add cloud monitoring with Metricly

By Antony Adshead 19 Aug 2019

Storage monitoring specialist Virtual Instruments buys Metricly to add monitoring of AWS compute CPU, memory and resource utilisation to save customer costs Read More

User activity monitoring is just as critical as asset monitoring

By Gina Narcisi 26 Nov 2014

User Activity Monitoring is as important as asset monitoring for enterprise network security, finds research from Enterprise Management Associates. Read More

How EDR tools can improve endpoint security

By Kevin Beaver 25 Mar 2019

IT should be constantly re-evaluating security tool choices. Endpoint detection and response tools, for example, can be a good option to improve endpoint security. Read More

Passive probe improves optical network monitoring, TDM to IP glitches

By Jessica Scarpati 22 Apr 2010

Wholesale VoIP services proved to be a boon for one operator, but troubleshooting TDM to IP glitches threatened success. Replacing manual diagnostics with a passive test probe paid off with improved optical network... Read More

Installing Nagios on Solaris for network and server monitoring

By Bill Bradford 14 Jan 2009

Nagios is an excellent tool for network and server monitoring. This tip explains how to install Nagios on Solaris 10. Read More

NetScout embeds branch office network monitoring probe in Cisco ISR

By Shamus McGillicuddy 23 Mar 2010

NetScout has embedded a virtual branch office network monitoring probe in Cisco's popular ISR router platform, reducing the cost and complexity of getting packet level visibility into branch networks and enabling ... Read More