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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

NetScout embeds branch office network monitoring probe in Cisco ISR

By Shamus McGillicuddy 23 Mar 2010

NetScout has embedded a virtual branch office network monitoring probe in Cisco's popular ISR router platform, reducing the cost and complexity of getting packet level visibility into branch networks and enabling ... Read More

Focus ASEAN: Next-generation networks

29 Aug 2017

Connectivity is the lifeblood of any economy, more so in the digital age where consumers and businesses are hooking up to fibre and mobile networks in nearly all aspects of modern living. From remote monitoring of... Read More

How security teams benefit from traffic mirroring in the cloud

By Frank Siemons 03 Oct 2019

Enterprises with the resources to deploy traffic mirroring are gaining security benefits. Frank Siemons explains how traffic mirroring has adapted to new and evolving cyber-risks. Read More

Embrace an app-centric approach to monitoring in the cloud

By Brian Kirsch 03 Sep 2019

Cloud computing minimizes the need for IT teams to worry about infrastructure hardware -- which means their monitoring strategies can, and should, hone in on apps and the user experience. Read More

Application performance monitoring diagnoses hospital network problems

By Don Fluckinger 14 Jun 2010

Application performance monitoring tools help run down hospital network bottlenecks and keep service providers honest. Read More

Too many tools hobble network management design

By Russ White 11 Sep 2018

'Measure twice, cut once' doesn't work for network management. It's time for the industry to consider a new way to coordinate network management design tools. Read More

How to develop and implement a network security plan

By Kevin Tolly 09 Oct 2019

When formulating a focused network security plan, you'll need to address specific questions about outbound traffic, user logins and government regulations. Read More

How can companies prevent and respond to island hopping attacks?

By Nick Lewis 09 Sep 2019

Island hopping attacks create enterprise risk by threatening their business affiliates. Here's how to create an incident response plan to mitigate risks from these indirect attacks. Read More

Using Nagios network monitoring to stay on top of network problems

20 Dec 2007

Contributor Scott Sidel discusses Nagios, an open source security tool designed for system and network monitoring through a variety of checks and status alerts. Read More

Security Think Tank: Severing C&C comms is key, but complex

By Emma Bickerstaffe 11 Dec 2018

As attackers begin to use multiple command and control systems to communicate with backdoors and other malware, how can organisations ensure that they detect such methods and that all C&C systems are removed, ... Read More