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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Should software be used to monitor networks for blogging activity?

By Mike Chapple 11 Dec 2008

Deciding network-monitoring software be used to monitor corporate networks for blogging activity is more of a policy decision than a security one, but network security expert Mike Chapple explains what the issue ... Read More

Blasts From The Past

By Steve Broadhead 23 Mar 2015

Been doing a few catch-ups with old vendor friends recently; one was Brocade - and more of this next month - which has a REAL SDN/NFV story - and another was NetScout; networking monitoring!!!! ... Read More

Virtual Instruments becomes Virtana, adds cloud monitoring

By Carol Sliwa 22 Oct 2019

Virtual Instruments' focus expands to hybrid IT infrastructure management, as company changes name to Virtana and adds CloudWisdom monitoring and cost optimization. Read More

Perform these steps to monitor Windows Server with Nagios Core

By Adam Bertram 23 Oct 2019

Nagios is no newbie to the server monitoring world, but setting it up for Windows takes a few extra steps. Learn how Nagios Core, originally meant for Linux, can monitor Windows servers. Read More

Don't let VDI network latency grind virtual desktops to a halt

By Brien Posey 24 Jun 2016

Network latency problems can make even the simplest tasks impossible on a virtual desktop. IT needs to use performance monitoring to identify the source of latency to fix the problem. Read More

UK company launches tool to monitor other network security audit tools

By Ron Condon 11 Oct 2010

Idappcom Ltd. says its new tool can gauge the effectiveness of other network security audit tools or monitoring devices. Read More

Brocade relaunches data center network monitoring service

By Beth Pariseau 02 Dec 2008

Brocade upgrades the Network Monitoring Service to proactively monitor and troubleshoot its customers' data center networking environments. Read More

Inside the four main elements of DLP tools

By Rich Mogull 10 Nov 2014

Security expert Rich Mogull outlines the four elements of a DLP tool: the central management server, network monitoring, storage and endpoint DLP. Read More

Security operations centers could be key to better security

By Madelyn Bacon 29 Jul 2015

Video: Security operations centers are critical to continuous network monitoring and detecting data breaches. Eric Cole discusses SOCs and the role security automation plays in them. Read More

Windows 7 system: Resource Monitor network information

17 Mar 2010

The Resource Monitor can help solutions providers with viewing network, disk and storage information when undergoing Windows 7 system monitoring tasks. Read More