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Definitionnetwork monitoring

Network monitoring is the practice of consistently overseeing a computer network for any failures or ...Read More

Get to know Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager

By Robert Sheldon 14 Oct 2019

Oracle released Linux Virtualization Manager, a platform that lets admins configure, manage and monitor their virtual server environments. Read More

Security Think Tank: Severing C&C comms is key, but complex

By Emma Bickerstaffe 11 Dec 2018

As attackers begin to use multiple command and control systems to communicate with backdoors and other malware, how can organisations ensure that they detect such methods and that all C&C systems are removed, ... Read More

Security Think Tank: Cloud security is a shared responsibility

By Paddy Francis 07 Nov 2019

Misconfigured cloud environments are increasingly identified as the source of damaging data breaches and leaks, raising serious questions for enterprises. Where does responsibility for data security in the cloud ... Read More

Virtual Instruments to add cloud monitoring with Metricly

By Antony Adshead 19 Aug 2019

Storage monitoring specialist Virtual Instruments buys Metricly to add monitoring of AWS compute CPU, memory and resource utilisation to save customer costs Read More

Five ways a managed print service can support cyber resilience

By Louella Fernandes 04 Oct 2019

As IoT devices, smart MFPs are susceptible to the growing threat of attempts to implant malware, recruit to botnets (to help perpetrate DDoS attacks), as well as potentially providing an open ... Read More

Healthcare org eases compliance with network monitoring

By Ron Condon 20 Feb 2008

North Western Deanery implements SecureVue from eIQ Networks for network security and configuration management, streamlining compliance in the process. Read More

Network-based integrity monitoring keeps website hacks in check

08 Jul 2009

Network integrity monitoring software brings the concept of file-based integrity monitoring, required by regulations such as PCI-DSS, to a company's online presence. Read More

Ixia reveals beefy network packet broker chassis, touts architecture

By Shamus McGillicuddy 20 Feb 2014

Ixia's first chassis-based network packet broker supports 384 10 Gb ports. It also announced a new network monitoring architecture. Read More

Embrace an app-centric approach to monitoring in the cloud

By Brian Kirsch 03 Sep 2019

Cloud computing minimizes the need for IT teams to worry about infrastructure hardware -- which means their monitoring strategies can, and should, hone in on apps and the user experience. Read More

Ransomware authors seeking new ways to avoid being spotted

By Alex Scroxton 05 Nov 2019

Sector analysis from Sophos has revealed some insight into how malware authors are adapting to thwart cyber security controls Read More