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Network security vs. application security: What's the difference?

By Kevin Beaver 06 Nov 2019

Different tools protect different assets at the network and application layers. But both network and application security need to support the larger security plan. Read More

What is the role of CISO in network security?

By Andrew Froehlich 26 Nov 2019

The role of CISO in network security goes beyond risk management. It also requires understanding compliance regulations and business needs, as well as the ability to communicate security policies to nontechnical ... Read More

The network security tools to combat modern threats

By Andrew Froehlich 25 Nov 2019

Incorporating new network security tools and methods into your enterprise's infosec program may mean the difference between staying safe or falling victim to an attack. Read More

Raise enterprise network visibility, and security rises too

By Brenda L. Horrigan 19 Nov 2019

The need to improve network visibility has bedeviled IT teams for years. Better tools offer hope but there are privacy and ethical concerns that come with responsible use. Read More

How to develop and implement a network security plan

By Kevin Tolly 09 Oct 2019

When formulating a focused network security plan, you'll need to address specific questions about outbound traffic, user logins and government regulations. Read More

Boost network security visibility with these 4 technologies

By Andrew Froehlich 19 Nov 2019

The network is where it's at if you want to stop malicious actors. But first you need to up your network visibility. Learn about four technologies that can help. Read More

What are the top network security techniques for modern companies?

By Andrew Froehlich 22 Nov 2019

Protecting the enterprise network remains integral to overall IT security. Here are the top network security techniques enterprises are using to protect data. Read More

Network visibility and monitoring tools now amp up security

By Andrew Froehlich 19 Nov 2019

Three technology trends are currently making network visibility even more central to security tools. Learn more about the impact of big data, AI and APIs. Read More

NSX Intelligence evolves network security and load balancing

By Brian Kirsch 15 Nov 2019

NSX Intelligence can bolster your zero-trust network security, provide microsegmentation analytics and balance loads in your network. Learn more about this new VMware product. Read More

After a data breach occurs, follow this network security checklist

By Kevin Tolly 08 Nov 2019

Before a network breach occurs, you should already have a response plan in place. To make sure you're taking a proactive approach, follow this network security checklist. Read More