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10 Capabilities to Look For in an MDR Solution

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc. Published: 14 Mar 2018 Resource

Multiple point products and defense-in-depth strategies are no longer sufficient to protect companies that operate in today's cyberspace. Learn 10 capabilities to look for in a managed detection and response (MDR) ...

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What you Need to Know About Cloud Security

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Networks, Inc. Published: 25 Oct 2017 eBook

In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding of the 3 most prominent types of cloud services and the questions your organization should ask when building a network security platform.

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How Hybrid AI Protects the City of Sparks from Ransomware and Phishing Attacks

sponsored by Arctic Wolf Published: 10 May 2018 Case Study

This case study explores how a city's IT team compared the option of building their own security operations center to purchasing a comprehensive managed service. Then, discover how a hybrid AI architecture provided...

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Adopting a Zero Trust Model: Google Did It, Can You?

sponsored by Zscaler Published: 27 Apr 2018 Webcast

In this webinar hear from Ameet Jani, Product Manager at Google Cloud and Manoj Apte, Chief Strategy Officer at Zscaler as they talk about zero-trust security, and how to take a user and application-centric ...

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Enhancing Network Security Through Programmable Networks

sponsored by Windstream Communications Published: 22 Jul 2019 White Paper

Many legacy networks are hard to defend, with disparate segments and no single management console. For this reason, many businesses are moving to programmable, software-defined networks to provide a foundation for ...

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5 practical tips for implementing SD-WAN

sponsored by Windstream Communications Published: 22 Jul 2019 White Paper

In this white paper, discover Forrester's 5 practical tips for implementing SD-WAN in your organization.

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Securing the Cloud-Enabled Branch

sponsored by Zscaler Published: 11 Oct 2018 White Paper

With SD-WAN, traditional network security measures can't always keep up – they simply weren't designed to. Find out how to update security and traffic management for SD-WAN so you can support secure branch ...

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How to Get and Maintain Control of Your Microservices

sponsored by Citrix Published: 26 Jun 2019 White Paper

Download this white paper to learn about a hybrid application delivery system that can provide DevOps teams with the agility they demand while giving networking teams the control and centralized management they ...

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C-Suite Perspectives: From Defense to Offense - Executives Turn Information Security Into a Competitive Advantage

sponsored by Radware Published: 26 Jun 2019 Analyst Report

In this 2019 Executive Application & Network Security Report, discover the current leading cybersecurity challenges and opportunities for C-suite-level executives.

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Addressing Cyber Security Concerns of Data Center Remote Monitoring Platforms

sponsored by Schneider Electric Published: 01 Aug 2016 White Paper

Enter this whitepaper to learn about the security aspects that go into developing and operating digital, cloud-based remote monitoring platforms built to keep data private and infrastructure systems secure from ...

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