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Securing Cloud Transformation with a Zero Trust Approach

sponsored by Zscaler Published: 20 Aug 2019 White Paper

Cybersecurity wasn't designed for the cloud, and even though traditional network security solutions are being retrofitted for "cloud" usage, security is getting in the way of the adoption of zero trust strategies. ...

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Are You Getting What You Were Promised?

sponsored by Cisco Umbrella Published: 30 Aug 2019 Resource

Are you getting what you were promised? People make a lot of claim about network security but Cisco would rather show you proof. Download this infographic to learn about Cisco Umbrella including how it compares to ...

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Key Principles and Strategies for Securing the Enterprise Cloud

sponsored by Fortinet, Inc. Published: 01 Mar 2019 White Paper

In this white paper, learn how to create a multi-cloud network security strategy based on 3 key principles, and examine use cases to see how other organizations keep themselves secure.

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An Introduction to Threat Hunting with Bro Zeek

sponsored by Corelight Published: 05 Feb 2019 Product Demo

Watch this webcast to hear from Richard Chitamitre, Jonathon Hall, and Andrew Pease—3 elite threat hunters with years of military service fighting on the cyberwarfare frontlines—on how to start using Zeek to hunt ...

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Securing Dynamic Networks

sponsored by BT Published: 28 Feb 2019 White Paper

Networks are changing as new 'internet native' applications and services drive demand for more bandwidth, performance and flexibility. This paper provides a summary of the key security considerations in the hybrid ...

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5 Ways Bro Gives You Better Data for Incident Response and Threat Hunting

sponsored by Corelight Published: 08 Feb 2019 Webcast

Watch this webcast to learn about Zeek—formally known as Bro—an open-source network security monitor that empowers incident responders and threat hunters to locate and prevent attacks by providing high-fidelity ...

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Open Source Network Security Tools for Beginners

sponsored by AT&T Cybersecurity Published: 10 May 2019 Resource

In this white paper, get an overview of some of the leading open source tools as well as tips on how to use them for network security.

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IoT Networking and the Smart Digital Workplace: Opportunities and Challenges

sponsored by Aruba Networks Published: 16 Aug 2018 White Paper

This white paper examines the implications of growing IoT adoption for enterprise networks. Find out how IoT is changing networking architectures, security, edge computing, and more.

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Network Security Solutions for Government Agencies

sponsored by Gigamon Published: 09 Sep 2019 Brochure

As cyber threats evolve, governments in Asia-Pacific are introducing new measures for public agencies to step up protection against such attacks.. In this brief white paper, learn about the new measures public ...

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Quantifying the Operational and Security Results of Switching to Forcepoint NGFW

sponsored by Forcepoint Published: 31 May 2017 Research Content

The distributed nature of many organizations and the changing nature and scale of threats are creating new pressures related to network security. In this IDC study, learn how Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall can...

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